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Anyone for Bucs Chat Yahoo Fantasy Football?

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Maybe if you actually made some lineup changes or roster moves since the last time you were active (September 23rd), you might not still be losing. And it's not fair to the teams that don't get to play your "dead" team that week...


Quit your bitchin..it has been a dead team since week 1, all opponents have benifited with a W.

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Yeah, well thanks for keeping the competitive balance of the league in mind when you decided to take up a roster spot and not bother playing.


OK, OK, I will do my best to get a win or two...........roster has been revamped, should be good for at leat 20 points now!:wtf


And I didnt choose not to play, I lost both WR's, QB, and my RB for extended periods of time.......any moves would have still left me with a goosegg in the win column.

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Thanks for the Congrats, my first championship after playing for years. Had to make alot of moves to pull it off. Mon and I will be looking to join a money league next season, people seem to stay more involved when a couple of dollars are at stake. Thanks TRMC for setting this up and have a great Holiday season. Go Bucs........:thumbsup

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