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Ok Bucs fans, we need to make a decision.

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Someone found out how to hack the passwords at the Tribune due to a bad flaw in the software. The next thing I knew he has each other's passwords. The board had a severe sock puppet issue. One person called The BBQ complained about sock puppets and then was flagged for having multiple ones himself.I liked that board and was pissed that person did not go to the moderator to fix it rather than create chaos.

The Tribune shut down down the board pretty quickly. I liked the thread format of the Tampa Tribune esp since SPT had that awful format before it finally went to a thread format.The old format was unreadable when the board was busy. Someone yelling at you for a post you made a week ago and over a 1,000 posts earlier.

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Ok Bucs Fans.  The site and the forum will be up by Friday.  A little behind schedule but hey, I have a life as well outside the Bucs, but am almost done.  The forum is a work in progress.  I still need to change the theme to something a bit more Buc like, the ACQB logo and some other tweeks.  All in all this board will serve us for the next 3 years.  If there are things you would like to see, I am open to suggestions.  Just let me know.

All members that have posted here will be plank owners of the new board.  A plank owner a title given to the crew that is with the ship when it is commissioned.  I will create a forum for plank owners only and that is where all the NSFW and Llama love forums will be...so be on the look out for that.  We will allow active posters to join that forum but that is in the future when we know we arent dealing with fucktards.  This is OUR board. 

MadMac and Rook are your moderators.  I am admin only.  I will not be involved in moderating anything outside of a tie break on any vote.  I may need some other volunteers in the future, but for now I thank MadMac and Rook for starting this off.  The rules are very simple.  No politics.  No personal threats or unwarranted attacks.  No religious bashing or evangelizing.  No talking about illegal shit of any sort.  Stick to the topic.  Keep posts in the right forum.

This board has been an important part of my life.  I have battled with many of you, but I look at you guys as people that I would probably enjoy having a beer with in real life.  I love the Bucs and have since I was 10/11 years old.  I stuck with this team through all the shitty years and all the great years.  This is my way of saying to my fellow Bucs fans-Thanks!  You guys are awesome and I look forward to keeping this thing moving forward.  One way you can kick this thing off is once the board is open, tell those that you know used to post here.  Help us get some users into the fold.  Be watching as I will announce when its up.  Onward.

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The forum is up.  Still have some things to tweak but what I would like is to have everyone that reads this register and post when registered.   Two methods to enter the forums.  from the homepage of bucschat.online and clicking the box OR direct to by going to bucschat.online/forums.  Guests are only allowed 'READ ONLY' access. 


Thanks so much for your patience.  Get the word out.  I am doing adwords to get some traffic, but your word will bring more sticky customers.  See you there.

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