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Bucs sign Lavonte David for a 2 year deal 25 million with 20 million guaranteed

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Jesus H Christ, did you hear about the bloodbath in KC? They cut their two starting OT's, Fisher and Schwartz, in order to get into cap compliance. They both were injured for the Super Bowl, but they were the bedrock of that OL. And it sounds like that was only the beginning.


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1 hour ago, rook said:

Fisher I believe was a number 1 pick in the draft years ago and frankly graded higher than Donovan Smith before his injury.

The Saints cut Emmanuel Sanders, Kwon Alexander and Janoris Jenkins among others.

It's murder out there right now. I feel confident if the Bucs lose anyone they will be able to restock because there are going to be a ton of quality guys being cut who know there are not many big deals left and they can at least get on 'the Brady attempting number 8' team.


ps. Lot of reporting that some of the Bucs FA's may take one year deals with Bucs because following season will be under new TV deal and cap expected to blow up. That also sets up extending deals to push salary into that window if a team has the flexibility to do it.

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Brady just reduced the 2021 cap by 19 million according to ESPN's Adam Shefter.

Adam Schefter


The Tom-Brady extension saves the Buccaneers $19 million against the cap this year, per sources. The additional voidable years are there to defray the cost. It was another effort from Brady to keep as much of the team together as possible.

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On 3/12/2021 at 6:47 PM, MadMac said:

BTW -- anyone here still wishing we had drafted Luke Kuechly?


12 hours ago, Gulf Shore Steve said:

Miss you fuckers. Well...some of you😁

Tell us again Steve why we didn't draft Kuechly because of who we drafted earlier or... It made sense last time.

Apparently it's still safe here without a condom. Some posters believe it's safer at BucsChatDown on FB. Are you going bareback as another Steve there? C'mon man sign up if yer not.

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