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Top Buccaneer plays in the playoff and Super Bowl

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1. The top play to me is Antoine Winfield's force fumble of Jared Cook's reception on 3rd and 2 in the third quarter. The Saints were up 20-13 and had a first down in Bucs territory when that ball was jarred loose.. The turnover is cashed into a TD and the score was tied. Two more picks in the fourth quarter and the Bucs win 30-20. Devin's white was the game clincher since it turned a 3 point lead into 10.

2. The Sean Murphy Bunting interception with 27 seconds left that was cashed with a Scotty Miller TD with one second left.  If I were to add 2A, Jorddan Whitehead's forced fumble on third and 5 that was cashed into a TD. Two drives after turnovers were cashed in 30 seconds changing the score from 14-10 to 28-10. Bucs.

3. Two 3 and outs after two interceptions of Brady in the 4th quarter.  Green Bay's 3 forced turnovers got them 6 points. Bucs two turnovers netted them 14 points.

4. Green Bay's decision to kick a FG on 4th down. Buccaneers D. I may have to classify that as a Packer but the Bucs stubborn D deserves the credit in the Packers hesitation.

5. The Super Bowl was anti climatic and a blow out but scoring a TD with 6 seconds left in the half and following it up with a long TD drive in their first drive in the second half ended the game.




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On 2/23/2021 at 6:53 PM, rook said:

 That an offense as powerful as KC could be held to not scoring a TD was unbelievable.

I think an honorable mention actually happened 10 weeks prior...that's when Hill made a call so "help is on the way!" and the Bucs then outscored the Chiefs 55-19, including no TDs in the Super Bowl.

Suck it Hill...suck it long, and suck it hard!

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