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SUPER BOWL THREAD - Bucs vs Chiefs - 2/8/21 - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?!

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Holy moly!  I am so excited...can't sleep and decided to put up the game day thread early.

The Bucs are playing for the NFL Championship for only the second time.  This is why we watch this game and this team so hopefully the football gods will smile down upon us.  This has been a crazy season, and yet the Bucs have made it to the big dance.  I am shocked.  I figured a 9-7 or 10-6 season and hitting the playoffs.  Once in the playoffs everything was cake.  Well they have exceeded my exceptions this season.  I knew it was possible, but improbable, that the Bucs would make it to the Super Bowl.  After they won the NFC Championship, I have been in a daze, not believing that it is true.  Well, here it is...the day we all have been waiting for.  Win or lose, this season has been a joy to watch and a lot of fun.  There is still 5 something hours before the game starts.  I am going to hit the sack and try to sleep again. 


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