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BA, Bowles, Leftwich and Licht Vindication

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So much has been said this season about how our coaches and GM should be fired.  How they suck.  How they don't know how to football.  LOL 

So question for everyone, even the haters out there...now that coaches and Licht have brought the Bucs to the Super Bowl have they been vindicated?  Those of you that bitch about coaching, are you willing to say you were wrong?  Just curious.

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Right on, Blaque.

I'm not a hater on the coaching staff. They do some things I dislike, but hell, that will happen with any coaching staff because we are all armchair QBs at the end of the day. I think they have to be vindicated for taking a team that was a mashup of personalities and play styles, factor in a healthy dose of Covid pandemic, and not much time to pull it all together to the Super Bowl. That is a pretty extraordinary thing they have managed to pull off in Tampa. I might be fucking nuts, but I expect them to win, even though it is the defending champions. If you erase that first half of their game during the regular season, the Bucs win pretty handily. They just have to put together 4 quarters of their most solid football and they will be crowned champs again.

Go Bucs!

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Good article on BA.


Arians’ hiring put struggling Bucs on path to Super Bowl 55

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — It took five coaching changes over a decade-plus of futility before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally got it right, luring Bruce Arians out of retirement. Two seasons later, the 68-year-old quarterback expert has them in the Super Bowl.

Signing Tom Brady was a big part of solving the team’s woes. So, was the offense-minded Arians’ commitment to building a defense capable of giving him a realistic shot at transforming the Bucs from perennial losers into championship contenders.

The two-time NFL Coach of the Year with the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals won two Super Bowl rings as an assistant with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He didn’t get his first full-time pro head coaching opportunity until he was 61. 

Arians ended a five-year stint with the Cardinals citing health concerns in 2017, only to return to the sideline to take over the Bucs after a one-year hiatus.

“I couldn’t be happier for our players. They put in so much work, and our coaching staff has done such a great job,” Arians said after Sunday’s 31-26 victory over Green Bay in the NFC championship game. “Ownership gave us everything that we’ve needed, and I just couldn’t be any more elated for these guys and the job they put in.”

The first challenge was changing the culture of an organization that hadn’t made the playoffs since 2007. The next was building on a strong nucleus of defensive talent and assembling an impressive group of playmakers that’s helped Brady’s transition to a new team after 20 record-setting seasons with the New England Patriots.

“There were times when I never thought it would happen, I never thought I would get a head coaching job,” Arians said. “After the cancer scare in Arizona, sitting out that year and coming back, this has been the most rewarding year of coaching in my life.”

Arians inherited a team that hadn’t made the playoffs in more than a decade and hadn’t won a postseason game since its 2002 Super Bowl championship run under Jon Gruden.

Gruden was fired six years later, followed first by Raheem Morris and then Greg Schiano, Lovie Smith and Dirk Koetter before Arians got a crack at changing the franchise’s fortunes.

“I’m so happy for him, absolutely. It’s amazing,” said Brady, who’s in the Super Bowl for a record 10th time after going 6-3 in nine previous trips with the Patriots.

“For me, I don’t think about what it means for me. I do think about what it means for everyone else,” Brady added. “It’s an amazing achievement for B.A. I’m so happy for him and the staff he put together.”  That staff includes defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong, a trio of Black assistants making NFL history under Arians. Tampa Bay ,is the first team to reach a Super Bowl with a staff featuring three Blacks serving as coordinators.

“It’s taken a lot of different people over the course of the season on offense, defense, special teams, to come through and that’s why we’re still playing,” Brady said. “Again, just an incredible journey for all of us. I’m just proud to be a part of it.”


While Brady’s quest for a seventh ring has commanded much of the spotlight during the team’s bid to become the first to play a Super Bowl in its home stadium, the defense has carried the team the past two weeks in wins over New Orleans and Green Bay.


As well as Brady played in building a 21-10 halftime lead, the six-time Super Bowl champion contributed to the Packers getting back in the game by throwing interceptions on three consecutive possessions in the second half. He conceded afterward that the stellar job the defense did against Rodgers was the difference in the game.

“They played incredible,” Brady said.


With Antonio Brown sitting out with a knee injury, young receivers Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson both contributed to the NFC championship win. Miller had a 39-yard TD reception 1 second before halftime, and Johnson drew a pass interference penalty on third down, giving the Bucs a chance to run out the clock after the Packers trimmed what once an 18-point deficit to five with just over two minutes remaining.


Dropped passes have hindered the offense at times during the playoff. Brady wasn’t as sharp in the second half against the Packers, however, one of his three interceptions went off the hands of Mike Evans. Chris Godwin had a big drop in the first half, but redeemed himself with a 52-yard reception on the next play.


Safety Jordan Whitehead left the NFC title game with a shoulder injury. Arians said Monday it was too soon to speculate on how it might impact his status for the Super Bowl.


7 — takeaways by the defense this postseason, leading to 41 points.


Super Bowl vs. defending champion Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes on Feb. 7. The Bucs have won seven in a row since losing to the Chiefs at home 27-24 on Nov. 29.

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On 1/25/2021 at 10:45 AM, MrBlaque666 said:

So much has been said this season about how our coaches and GM should be fired.  How they suck.  How they don't know how to football.  LOL 

So question for everyone, even the haters out there...now that coaches and Licht have brought the Bucs to the Super Bowl have they been vindicated?  Those of you that bitch about coaching, are you willing to say you were wrong?  Just curious.

No that bozo has disappeared in Snook like fashion.

His game chat meltdown this year was epic.


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There is nothing better than being wrong when the results are favorable to your favorite team. I did not expect the Bucs to beat the Saints. And when both starting safeties went down in the Green Bay game, I worried whether we would hold on against Green Bay. I was pacing on the floor on the Packers last drive. Nothing made me happier when the Packers decided to kick the FG on 4th down. The Bucs had never won 3 playoff games on the road much less win three playoff games on the road in in a single postseason. This was a great victory. Got one more home win to get the SB but after 18 seasons of no playoff wins and 13 seasons of no playoffs, this has been a special season.

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I've bitched about the coaches. Also about players. Even called our LT Dong Smith a couple times. It was amusing. Wasn't too high on Cappa early on. He's missed now. GM Light? I fucked him. And you might have heard some of my less than favorable comments about the ownership if you've been here a while. But I'm here. And didn't really believe we'd win any of these last three games. Hoped like hell we would. I'm fucking ecstatic. What an incredible season. National recognition. Even if there's a contingent in that group which probably wanted to see Brady's ancient ass faceplant in Tampa's turf. Games were televised down here where I'm at. And you guys? I don't mind any of my brothers being who you are. For the most part. About the Bucs anyway. Y'all know some of us actually are assholes. Enjoy it. One game to go damnit!

Bucs 33-31




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The Cappa of 2019 was not healthy and did not play well. There are times that Donovan Smith was terrible. The secondary has been terrible at times. Some of it is the NFL is very generous into not calling holding. We had drops by WRs and Brady had some bad throws at time. Succop has been great but he has a couple of brain fart games but he has been the most reliable kicker we have had in a long time. Jones dropped a lot of passes. The backs miss blocks. Yet for all the imperfections, the bottom line is we are 14-5 and going to the Super Bowl. It kind of destroys any nit picks I have with the Bucs. The 15-4 SB Bucs were not perfect either although the dominant nature of our playoff run was caused by the offense weaknesses of the teams we played and old NFL rules that allowed teams to play defense.

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As for myself, I historically have not been a Licht fan...and this culminated right after the 2016 draft. However, he has put three good drafts together after that, and he seems to be growing in his position. Because of this, I am hopeful for the future of the Bucs with Licht as GM.

As for Arians, I was always going to give him time...and it is paying off. We saw growth last season, but big time growth this season...granted, Brady carries a lot of that credit for this year, but other players are stepping up, too. The jury is still out (for me) on Leftwich, but this is only his 2nd year as an OC...so while I may bitch about some of the play calls, he has not been terrible.

The secondary is very young...but we are watching them grow and fairly quickly. In a couple years, they could be the strength of this defense. But they will need to take a big step forward next weekend against that KC offensive passing juggernaut.

in April, Licht will need to draft Brady’s eventual replacement, a good OLman and good DLman to eventually replace Suh (and maybe JPP). But Licht has put some good pieces together.

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