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Ronde Barber Film Study Breaks Down Rojo's 98 Yard Run

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This is a must watch, capons.   Once in a while you get perfect execution on the perfect play call. This is one of those times. I haven't stopped thudding the pud to make pudding since. 


Tell me -- didn't it look like Dong Smith had a handful of jersey on that ? He must have declutched just in the nick of time. Not sure how the zebras view such technique -- do they have a clock in their head or hjust a cock in their head?   I swear that's been called holding in the past. Glad it wasn't called. 

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When I saw the play during the game, I thought, looks like someone is holding.  Then during the replay, I thought, someone definitely was holding.  After seeing it a few more times his hands never get outside the shoulder pads as Dong is spinning him to the ground and he lets go during that motion.  That said, that could have been called holding.  As 63 said, holding has been called for less.

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