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4 minutes ago, rook said:

Greg Auman said they ran about 5 mock drafts and had Winfield on them. If they were not sold on Dobbins, Auman. thought the Bucs might trade down with Miami.

Can't post it as it has a pay wall. They hope Akers is there at 76.

On best players available at ESPN, Fromme is 14 Akers is 15 and Eason is 16. Individual ESPN draft gurus have their own board which is different from the ESPN board.

Why do you keep naming QBs?

Ain't happening 

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Lemme show you my dick pick

Already have  🤣   Buccanner theme song  

I don't see them going any other route than RB. Arians is an offensive coach and they realized at some point during the season last year that if they had a QB that wouldn't throw the ball to the

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4 minutes ago, rook said:

They keep showing Ezra Cleveland as BPA who had a first round grade but has not been drafted yet. Despite being a great player in college at Boise State, the new bad trait other than small hands is apparently short arms.

You need to keep in mind Mel Kiper is who he is and just because someone is on ESPNs "best available" doesn't mean the NFL folks agree. The scouts and GMs have much more intel on players than most these yahoo draft "gurus"

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