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Lemme show you my dick pick

Already have  🤣   Buccanner theme song  

I don't see them going any other route than RB. Arians is an offensive coach and they realized at some point during the season last year that if they had a QB that wouldn't throw the ball to the

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No one criticized the pick as awful either. Yes a high pick can be bad (See Kenyatta Walker or Ryan Leaf) but no one them considered a reach at the time.Someone who runs a 4.38 and weighs 248 who is tweener as receiver and a RB is not going to the bottom of the draft. That is too much physical talent to be ignored. That is T J Duckett size and speed. I was glad the Falcons used Dunn more than should have against the Bucs although we had to see Duckett as well.

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1 minute ago, fanofdabucs said:

Well to be fair to the Bucs, we are 80 picks in and no one else seems to think Moss is as good as all the draft nerds seemed to think.

Can't argue that statement.

I think his tape shows him to be very well (Moss)....maybe the competition he faced was somewhat lesser? It makes me think that maybe Arians and Licht like what they have currently and wanted to add a guy like Vaughn. Maybe?

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