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Where will Jameis Land?

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A couple of reports have him considering giving baseball a shot. 

No doubt he has talent. A little weird no team has been willing to take a flier on him as a reclamation project.

I think his arrogance makes him hard to coach and fix. I also suspect he still wants way too much money. He thought the Bucs (or some other team) would give him $25 million a year or so. It’ll be hard for him to wind up settling for far less.

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It's a tricky one.  Seems to me that he extorted his team with that 25 million dollar a year demand, so maybe other teams don't want to deal with his shit. 

But, assuming no one wants to bring him in to start, then his price tag goes way down.  Potentially he's a 8 million a year backup, but maybe his off the field baggage is enough to cause teams walk away.  Is it worth it for a backup QB?  Probably not.


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3 hours ago, UncleBuc said:

Whoever that person is, any athlete should run from going forward.

You are spot on brother -- and like you said, if Jameis simply shut it down because of 

-- thumb

-- knee

-- vision

-- no Evans, Godwin, Miller and a physically compromised Brate

He would at least have had a chance to be a Buccaneer today. Of course his idiot agent might still have wanted $30 million a year and $100 million guaranteed, which would have been a no. 

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An agent tells Winston he can get a $30M/yr long term deal and Tom Brady gets $25M/yr plus incentives?  

What kind of fucking crab munchin, Uber clam fiddlin, finger eatin, helmet hole pokin, turnover prone, cutting-edge nitwit thinks he's worth Tom Brady money? Hell, he's not even worth near Tannehill money.

Maybe the Roughriders or Argonauts will open their wallets. He could use the extra 10 yards for his stats, and the fewer downs.



Then again we don't really know shit about what he was asking except for what a friend of a media expert's sister in law heard at the salon. 

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15 minutes ago, JeffT said:

A chilling reminder of Dilfer in 2001...

"Jameis Winston Bids Tampa Bay Farewell: See You At The Super Bowl!"



And Dilfer wore Number 12. 

I hope Brady grabs Number 10, his College Number. The curse of Doug Williams is still strong.  Only Rudy "The Condor" Carpenter was immune. 

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