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Brady is leaving the Patriots.

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Gotta admit.. Dude did us a hella job on teh Sax here   I have no idea who posted this video   We didn't..  

Favre, Parcells, Bo, Chip Kelly, just saying...

I agree, last year was one of the best Olines the Bucs have had in a long time, Jaboo was holding the ball way too long then would blindly throw into coverage.  Most of his Ints were not the fault of

14 hours ago, bucs63 said:

So, ...Bucs agreed to Brady's 2 demands? Control of the roster and play calling?

Roster control is overblown.  Brady just wants some input on the FAs and draftees on the offense.  And he wants Bruce to give AB a chance.

That last one was probably an easy yes to give, because AB would almost have to take a pretty small contract due to the suspension he would likely receive.

On the remote chance that AB could hold it together, that would be an insane WR corps.


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