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3 hours ago, tfree32 said:

We actually have a decent amount of talent. So there’s no excuse for playing so poorly. 

I would suggest blowing it up and starting over. But unless the Glazers all die, we’d still be stuck with whichever morons they hire.

This must be how it feels to be a Knicks fan.

Believe it or not I'm a Knicks fan (although what there is to root for I have no idea).  Sadly for me, the Bucs haven't gotten to that level of ineptitude just yet. The Bucs won something within the last 20 years.

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Maybe, that should be a thing....you wear the shit ass red PJs until you earn the right to wear a proper uniform.

Of course the fucking coach needs to wear a pink bunny suit for the rest of the year.  The GM tarred and feathered, and the triplets need to talk and dress like leprechauns (aw shit, they already do). 

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