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It's Football Time In Tennessee!

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11 hours ago, SamuraiBuc said:

Now that is losing with a purpose right there.

No one pays you 1.4 million to beat their team on their home field. A couple of years ago Ohio State scheduled FAU in a college basketball game and paid FAU 95K which is a big amount for a college basketball game. FAU instead of losing won the game in OT at Ohio State. We have not been on their schedule since.

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Yesterday's exposure needed to happen. I have been somewhat skeptical of all the "progress" made this offseason. There was a lot of talk about the recruits coming in, but yesterday was a shitshow of magnificent proportion. No continuity on the O-Line and no sense of competitiveness the whole game. That was as bad a showing as I have seen in all my years following UT. I've seen blowouts against Bama and Florida look better than that shit yesterday. That was a 2-10 Sun Belt Conference team (last year) that outplayed, outcoached, and outmanned a "Power 5" school yesterday.

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12 minutes ago, rook said:

Pruitt snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. 

He has no QB.

He keeps rotating the fucking O-Line in and out, so no continuity there.

And this is the worst crop of DBs I ever recall seeing in Tennessee history. They are flat awful.

This team sucks.

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