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What the hell is wrong with the Lightning?

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Regular season champions, in the playoffs, then tend to choke. Star players disappear or make boneheaded decisions, like Hedman who's been terrible, or Kucherov with a suspendable boarding penalty last night. Vasi looks scared in net, Stamkos is on a milk carton again. Why Cooper has Coburn in the press box over Rutta is beyond me. If we go down in flames in round 1, this team will have to have the roster shaken up. They sat tight at the deadline and did nothing.

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Soft as Charmin. Built for the regular season, but fades away and chokes when the playoffs start and the refs put away their whistles and don't call penalties. A complete meltdown and a coaching staff and a team captain that can't or won't adjust. And so many of NTCs that the roster will look pretty much the same, except on defense, as this year's team.

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On ‎4‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 7:14 AM, UncleBuc said:

They need to sign a forward who will stand in front of the net and not get pushed off the spot, and some defensemen who will actually hit.    What an epic collapse.

They have two forwards in Miller and Erne. It's whether they have the desire to take the abuse for the betterment of the team or not.

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