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Florida v. Tennessee

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Florida week here in Hillbillyville.

Normally that means quite a bit. This year, the feeling just doesn't seem to be the same. This team plays flat a lot right now - not a product of Jeremy Pruitt, but a product of what was left after the Bitch Jones debacle. I look forward to the game and to the pending avatar change (because I am not sure the Vawl defense can stop the Gator offense). In yesterday's game versus UTEP, my Volunteers had 2 good offensive drives that resulted in 14 points (including an 81-yard toss sweep by Ty Chandler, who looks like a second coming of Alvin Kamara). The rest of the game, they struggled on offense. The offensive line is still a jigsaw puzzle of pieces that don't fit together. The QB situation is positive, as Guarrantano has looked good under real coaching. The run game and passing game should be more productive than they have been with the playmakers they have, but they just can't seem to find their stride........at least not yet. The defense is full of youth and the holdovers from the brickbuilding, cocknozzle Bitch Jones era have a lot of quit in them. The secondary scares the bejesus out of me because they are so young, play flat-footed, and bite on every juke move they see.

If you are a Gator fan, good luck. As a Vol fan, I say Go Big Orange!

Prediction: Florida wins 27-10 and ole Samurai gets a shiny new fuckened avatar from Tundra.

Tndr cnt fk u.

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The Vols are going to kill the soft undisciplined Gators, a product of the Muschump / McIllWeenie years.  Felipe Franks is a dumbass bimbo -- all the physical talent of Vinny Testaverde but much softer and stupider.  And the Gators are missing something like their top 8 defensive backs (I heard them say that during yesterdays charade victory against Cumorado State girls' school). 

Mullen has his work cut out for him. The Gators already lost to Kentucky, and I mean they got their ass beat -- in the Swamp for chrissakes. 

So my friend, I await your decision on what kind of twisted hateful ball gag wearing avatar you are going to stick me with.  

PS - smri bggr cnt thn tndr

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Samurai, I recorded the game because we had to go to a school function for my daughter. Get home, and as usual for any team I cheer for I cue up the game with dread. Then the first quarter happened. I'm thinking "they can easily still fuck this up." 

Then the recovery of the surprise onside that four Vols were around but the Gator somehow came away with it. 

Then the Vols Next Gen Luke Stocker fumbles the ball through the endzone. 

Then the safety. 

I'm thinking, "Even Flippy Franks won't fuck this up." 

Wow. I know this is still Bitch Jones' team and all, but.wow. That was a record for most unprepared, most fuckwitted performance I've ever seen. Condolences, brother. And for the record, I still think Franks is a douchebag. A competent quarterback rings up 70+ on a night like last night. He will be exposed something fierce against LSU. They will mop the field with his face. 

Avatar coming via private message. Don't worry you'll love it!


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That onside kick in the first half made me think Bitch Jones had somehow performed a coup and overthrew Pruitt and his staff.
There wasn't one positive thing I could take from that damned game. Not one.

Well, that's not entirely true. The band played awesome. There was the "Fuck You Gators" chant going on before the game. And there was the one hillbilly chick wearing a tube top that had more than 3 teeth experience a wardrobe malfunction ala Janet Jackson.....so yeah, it was a good night ?

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I expected Franks to shit on his own face in the LSU game, but except for one wtf pass (pick in the red zone) he was solid. D line are beastly. So fun to watch a defense cover guys and shit.. 

Kudos to Mullen, this was a true signature win, beating the number 5 team in the nation. 

Go Gators!

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Way to avoid the upset today Mullen. Your Gators cam out predictably, trying to fucken themselves and living in the afterglow blowjobs ofmthe win against LSU. Sloppifying the turnovers, boneheading, docking around on defense. But you settled your lads down and the did enough to overcome an 18 point deficit and put the game away in the 4th quarter. 


Well done. I expected Vandy to score the upset. 

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11 hours ago, SamuraiBuc said:

Rook, shit like this is why we love you......LOL ?

Koetter was running the Stetson vs Drake play against Atlanta.


The Hatters (4-1, 2-1 Pioneer League) had a first-and-10 at the Drake 15 with nine seconds to play. Colin McGovern was forced to scramble before he found Bowen at the 10. Bowen was gang-tackled at the eight as time ran out but the ball squirted out and Burdette snapped it up, racing untouched into the end zone while the Bulldogs celebrated.

Yes I am kidding!

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