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NHL PLayoffs round 2

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He left his feet to deliver a blow to the head in my opinion. No penalty and he won't get anything from the league. Yet their coach is whining post game about the Boyle hit in OT  before the game winning goal. Maybe he should watch some replays first before commenting.


That is what I thought.


But look at it... his head bounces off his shoulder pads.


Like a fucking ping pong ball.


Blues going into the 3rd with a four goal lead.


What could possibly happen?




Elliot is a pretty good goalie!



Did I post the wrong hit? Am I drunk?



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This is the hit by Boyle that sprung him open for the game winning goal. The Isles coach is yelling for a suspension. Watch closely where the point of contact is, and watch Hickey try to sell it like a head shot. He throws his head back like he got rear ended in a car then grabs his face. That won't get a call in OT, in fact, he could have gotten an embellishment penalty.




In the meantime, Boyle is free at the side of the net (his man) to bang in a rebound. Bolts playoff experience is showing now. They don't get rattled being down in the late stages of a playoff game in the 3rd period. They find a way, and I'm looking forward to the rest of this series.

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