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Holy Cow, Bucs Win One in New Orleans

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Did anyone listen to the radio feed? I'll bet Gene Deckerhoff was losing his mind!!!


I did.


Fuck Gene with your wrinkled up man part. I swear to Christ Almighty, I had no idea what was happening during the game because of Gene. Love the guy, but holy fuck..........

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I had that experience last year when I was listening to the Bucs Bengals game without video over internet radio.


My favorite video and radio was Gene on the radio describing a Josh Freeman pick against KC while the TV was showing Mike Williams running in the end zone with a TD.



That's awesome. I wonder how many car accidents Gene is personally responsible for every Sunday.

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My favorite Gene is getting back in the truck and hearing...he's at the 30 the 25 20 15 10 5 TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....FALCONS!!!


It pisses me off when he announces like his is impartial. Does he not understand he is the Bucs announcer?


Gene is just over the top no matter who his rooting interest would be including mr. impartiality.

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It's been amusing listening to the national radio hosts talk about the game.   Oh, not at all about the Bucs, of course.   The topic of the moment is "what's wrong with the Saints" and whether their successful run has reached its end.   Not at all surprising.


Can't blame them. After last year and week 1 it will take some consistent wins to earn recognition nationally as it should. I want to see the same. Terrible teams can win games here and there. I want to see us play well enough to win with some consistency.

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