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I really enjoyed this performance by Yes. Geddy Lee on bass for Chris Squire does a great job. So glad Yes is in the RRHoF!  

I have done this on other boards before and it's been hugely successful. What are your music likes? What are you currently listening to? I will start and gage people's interest. Music is a huge part o

I like to go back to when music was a discovery for me and I would get chills listening through my headphones........   These boys didn't stretch the boundaries, they broke them.     

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It's really a question of balance . . . .


(see what I did there?)


LOL yes I do.


I don't "get" the NWA / Public Enemy thing. Don't get me wrong, they have their place in musical history and both were very influential in that genre of music, however, it's the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. Country musicians aren't inducted. Gospel artists aren't inducted. Why are these guys inducted? Why isn't there an R&B / Rap Hall of Fame?


As far as the ABBA thing, I can give them a pass because of the mixing work one of the Swedes in that band done. The guy was insane over the sound they were going for. He did a lot of musical engineering work on all their material. That is certainly noteworthy.


Neither should have taken precedence over acts like The Cars and YES.

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