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BucsChat December Ticket Give-A-Way: Buffalo Vs. Bucs

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We're going to give two people a pair of tickets for the December 8th game vs. the Bills.


Go, yell out loud.. mount your signs, demand change.. or, maybe get a win.


Just enter by responding to this thread, and be willing to send back some good photos :)





Previously stated rules & guidelines exist (this article will be edited) good luck!


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This thread becomes considering more entertaining if the acknowlegement of participation is "Enter Me!" or perhaps the name of a former kicker . . .. 


Particularly since I'm ineligible.


Although since the Bucs are 1-0 with me in attendance, you many want to rethink that part.


Just sayin' and all


If you want tickets, I can always spot -you- tickets.  They just won't necessarily be 'great' tickets ;)

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At or near the 40's is excellent.


As for attending another game, I'm still recovering from the last ordeal . . . .


Perhaps everyone would like to pony up for a Limo to take Mr Good Luck Charm to and from the game. 


Perhaps a couple of Korean strippers for the trip up and back.


Just a few suggestions to keep the winning streak going.

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I think so far this year our brokers have given us largely good tickets. One question though for those interested.. They always offer me 40 to 40 tickets or end zone. I've always selected the 40 to 40.. Seem right?


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Those are quality seats from the 40 to the 40. It seems odd that the Glazers promote the Bucs on the Bucs radio flagship station in Orlando by given the highest seats in the house. My UCF seats that I won with the Bucs tickets were better seats. Plus UCF beat Connecticut 62-17 while the Bucs lost to Carolina 31-13.

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