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Round 1: Bolts vs Pens


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Me too as that was a stupid play by Thompson! The Lightning penalty killing was amazing the entire series!


When they went 6 on 4 I was worried!


At no point did I get the feeling that the Pens were going to win last night, Rolo made some decent saves but IMO the Pens never really had any great scoring chances. They would keep it inthe zone but never really connecte on anything.


Grinding out the regular season w/o your best two players the way they did was a win in my book for the year, and this turned out to be a great 4/5 matchup. Despite last nights outcome I knew deep down that the Bolts have the better chance at getting by a Crapital or Criers team in the next round.


Best of luck to all you Bolts fans, beat the crapitals!

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I've got a lot of respect for the penguins as a team (even though some of thier players are complete fuckwits, Asham, I'm pointing at you).


Most teams collapse and blow chunks when their superstars go down, they didn't and made 4th seed....solid year for them, worthy of pride.


Glad we got our collective shit together in time, Stamkos has got to pick up his game.


Okay Washington.....revenge is a dish best served cold.....like on our ice.....or yours, I'm not picky.


Go Bolts!!

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