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At the halfway point....

Capt. Rino

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  • 2 weeks later...

I thought they'd improve, but 30-15-5 is way above expectations. Hopefully the goalie/blue line issues have stabilized...if you take away 4 games where the composite score was 28-2 against the goal differential doesn't look too bad.


Still a little concerned that the scoring is so top heavy, but the lower lines (especially Hall-Thompson-Tyrell) do their jobs well, and have contributed enough secondary scoring...got to see Gagne and Lecavlaier light the lamp more, though (yes, I know gags had 2 last night).


Historically in the NHL, long home stands have not been too beneficial to teams...so I think for this 12 game stretch if they can get 16 points they are doing fantastic. I've heard a few others mention 14 points. If they can win a decent amount this next month, they will have probably locked up a playoff spot (which I think a lot of us hoped for/expected) and certainly be in the mix for the division. Atlanta is fading, and Washington has just looked confused. I don't expect the Caps to continue looking that way.


But so far, 50 games in, this team has made a sudden, and stunning turn around, and is starting to get noticed across the NHL.

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