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Bulls Top Ten in both polls !!!!!

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Aloha everyone,


I just checked the NCAA Rankings and noticed that our USF Bulls are as high as either #6 or #9, depending on which poll you choose. This is simply amazing, especially considering that we've only had Bulls football for 10 years!. This is great - I just hope they don't let it get to their collective heads.



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The Bulls are like a cute little puppy right now. Everybody loves them, and it's gonna be sad when someone comes along and hurts them.


I don't know that it will be all that sad. Most of the USF fans I know are realistic about what's happening right now. It's going to be hard to completely adapt from the role of underdog to the team everyone wants to beat, and chances they will lose one or more of those tough upcoming games. But I don't think anything could completely extinguish the afterglow of a moment like last Friday night.


I have no allegiance to USF, other than living in the region, but I suspect that being a fan of that program must be somewhat like what it was to be a Bucs fan in 2002. When I sat in QualComm at the end of the Superbowl, I realized I was experiencing something that most fans of the historically great teams will never feel -- there's only one first time, and I got to experience the euphoria of being a fan of what was once a perennial laughingstock that now stood at the top of the heap.


Being a USF fan has to be a little bit like that at this point --- they just pounded an undefeated national-title contender with not one, but two, Heisman candidates in the backfield, on national television. There's only one first time for a moment like that, so regardless of what happens from here on out, this season is already a monumental success. USF is on the map, and it's not in pencil.

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