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Are the Lightning going to One-Point their ways into the Playoffs?


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I don't recall every watching a season with so many ties. It seems like every game, other than the Ranger drubbing the other night, have been tied. The Bolts usually lose in overtime, but they still gain that one point.


Even games that seem out of reach like 3-0 with 10 minutes left in the third, they rally back and tie it up with minutes, sometimes seconds left on the clock. Then they lose in overtime or a SO. It's fun to watch and the squad looks much improved. They are playing a lot more physical hockey thanks to Toc and our young guys are stepping up. Malone and Stamkos are an amazing tandem.


Could you imagine when Vinny picks up his game and gets back into form? We could have one of the strongest 1-2 lines in the league. Marty & Vinny on the first and Stamkos & Malone on the second. The future looks bright.

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Stii Waiting




15 goals @ 10 Mill a season,,, DAMNNNNNNNN


Look at the crap he's got playing on his wings...Veilleux who couldn't score in a whorehouse and Bochenski (before today) who is an AHLer... and I'm the one who started this thread http://www.bucschat.com/showthread.php?t=18749


Tocchet has Malone playing a checking role on the 3rd line and he has disappeared since November...why not put him on Vinny's line and maybe get a spark? Mike Smith is a shell of himself, this 2nd period today against the Rangers he is brutal. At least now we know we will be sellers at the trade deadline, not buyers. :mad

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The expression "you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit" applies in this case. When the linemates you play with can't get you the puck because they are too slow and two steps behind, or cannot do anything with it if somehow you put it on the tape of their sticks, then I am now starting to blame Tocchet. Vinny won't complain about the situation he finds himself in, but maybe he should. Stick Parrish on one wing and Malone on the other and let's see what happens.

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