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I am really happy for Shannon. As always his D flat out got after it yesterday and what a 1-2 punch he has in the running game. Now if he can just get the passing game working the Cane's will be back. That being said I'm going to temper my enthusiasm until after the next game. At Oklahoma?!?! That's going to be a real test. I did like what Shannon had to say about the upcoming game, something along the line of having the team has the confidence to go there and win. Shannon may just be bringing the swagger back to the U.



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Did you get to see the game? I heard the same thing about them needin to fine tune the passing game and the D brought the lumber with a strong showing in the running game.


Agree on the next game. If they can lay a whoopin on the Okies then it should set us up for a good season. It's interesting how one game can set the tone for a long time. The year the Buc's beat the 49ers, the year Miami wrapped up the season beating UCLA set both teams attitude for quite awhile. They do need to get the swagger back.

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First off GO CANES, GO BULLS and since I'll be relocating in a couple of weeks my adopted team GO AUBURN (Except next week when the Bulls roll into Jordan Hare) I'm surprised Snoo...eeeer Snuke hasn't penned a lovely chest thumping thread about how his beloved Gators put a beat down on that powerhouse known as Western Kentucky.

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UCF just knocked off North Caroline State. Texas, you're next...


And if we do beat texas, I shall gloat at all who dare insult the great and powerful knights.


I just saw pictures of their new stadium. Looks pretty nice but I've got to think on game day traffic is going to be horrible on Alafaya and University. Not that it isn't already.

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You might ask how I can hype them even before they play their 1st game? Because they are one of few powerhouse schools that doesn't open up with a "patsy" team. So even if they lose tonight(against Clemson) they still deserve more respect than previously mentioned powerhouses until said teams actually play against legitimate talent.

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Woo-hoo, my alma mater is 1-0! Of course, South Carolina is going to have to play MUCH better than they did against Louisiana-Lafayette if they hope to have any chance at Georgia this Saturday. :ohno


So according to Sea Wolf's rules ...


This thread is only for those who's team is undefeated. Once your team gets a loss your done.


... this may be the only time you see me here this season. Well, it's been fun! :winkwink

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PSU in the thread, Joe appologizes to the young FIU coach, then makes his team clean the stadium on Sunday.


As bad as ND looked against GT, I feel pretty confident I'll be back next week.


Then its off to Michigan, which only has a Big 10 title to look forward to after that debacle against Appalacian State.


As far as my alma mater goes I have to bow out allready, the Golden Knights from Gannon University took one on the chin at the hands of Hillsdale (MI.).

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