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  1. Wore my creamsicle #47 all day. Well until it was time to get suited up. Caddy #24 red jersey and pewter pajama pants won this thing. Well, that and wearing the same skivvies for 4 straight weeks. I did turn them other side out after week 3. So at least there's that!
  2. We'll do this again next year, BTW. And they probably won't have 2 of 5 starters on OL.
  3. Congrats chumps. I was hoping for a Lavonte MVP, but alas, was not to be. Who fuckin cares, we win. Go Bucs!
  4. Fro. Just enjoy it. You sound like fuckin Fox Spews commercial coming in here with all that negativity. Just enjoy. Real. Solid. Results. And oh yeah. Ye were write. Who cares?
  5. Depth chart article Depth chart link Of note: Owusu listed as starter at WR Cousins and Meredith starting at OG ASJ behind Meyers, Wright and Stocker at TE Rainey #2 RB with James buried deep Bowers #2 UT, not listed at DE Jenkins ahead of Banks at CB Only Lennie and Quintion Pointer listed at NB Page #1 on both KR and PR
  6. Source: OBP Expectations - Offense
  7. Source: OBP Expectations - Front Office & Staff
  8. The Offenses: 1) Getting rid of (one of) the best corner(s) in the NFL having traded a 1st and a conditional 3rd to get him less than 12 months earlier. 2) Hoping to trade the guy and announcing to the world that the other alternative was to cut him. 3) Signing Alterraun Verner, (arguably) the best corner in this year's free agent class, for more than $6M per and guaranteeing the rest of the NFL that the "cut" threat was no boast. 4) Washing out their existing cap space on Day 1 and lining up a bevy of players at need positions for visits on Day 2, including Charles Tillman (ye
  9. Source: Letters from Lala Land
  10. Source: I'll stake my career on Glennon panning out
  11. Source: Things Fishwrap Won't Cover
  12. Thanks fellas. I'll hit you with an update early next week. Let's see how the chaff falls in this first round of cuts. Should give us a good indication of where we are on a couple fo important injury fronts.
  13. Source: Pre-camp roster breakdown
  14. Source: OBP Expectations: Front Office & Staff
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