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  1. Was searching for this play in the greatest Bucs plays ever discussion, but it's better suited for this one... https://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/132924/mnf-moments-no-41-dunn-to-king Great game, great play, and my favorite, except for the one where Wornout got blewn up by Sapp running to cutoff the TD. I'm sure someone can come up with the utube for that magnificent piece of work.
  2. That didn't take long. I'm not, what is normally regarded as, FOR, that guy being on the squad. Brady puts way too much faith in... Well, faith.
  3. First off, tndrcnt got WAY too much credit for this win, but that 98 yarder was pure tndrcnt creampie. Creapy, yet OK somehow.
  4. Frankly (omage), I'll take either one of those "QBs" throwing for our prime rival because neither is very good. What I don't want to see, is a dude who plays out a quarter with 5 ribs and a lung. I've had 2 ribs and a lung and couldn't finish. I don't even know how it's possible to endure that kind of pain and the inability to breath... Unless you know you have Jamiss and Tebow-lite behind you. No doubt that's a motivator at 41.
  5. Yeah, fuckem. Tim Brown I was good with, but he'll find his Steussie and Stinchcomb soon enough. Maybe a Dudley for good measure. Actually think Mayock may be helping, as crazy as that sounds.
  6. Mike was doubled all day. When they relented, Mike got the ball. Brady, the dumbshit that he is, just won't throw to the double teamed guy. I don't understand it.
  7. I thought, no way. Then I saw it and thought, holy shit. Then I heard the refs overturned it and thought, of course.
  8. Holy shit that Lockett catch was money! And then, of course, the zebras fuck it up.
  9. Can we get Patrick Peterson in here next year, please?
  10. Turning into helluva game. That little Murray dude is quicker than shit. That division is pretty insane. And this is a damn good game.
  11. I have never met a single purported Buccaneer fan who said a single good word about Cam Newton that I continued to regard as a "Buc fan". I mean, Mike Vick was one thing, but Scam? Deserving of every vile of vitriol on the shelf.
  12. I'm really getting tired of all of these yawners where we keep beating good teams like red heads. I even walked the dogs DURING the game today because it wasn't all that close. We really should've kept Jaboo as a backup so we could put him in to piddle away a pick 6 or three to even things out. Raiders did put up more of a fight than I expected. Good showing on their part given the non-practice that their OL got and the non-participation they got after the game started with injuries and whatever the ejection was about. Gruden has done a pretty good job with that team. If he had Mayock to
  13. I told you fuckers years ago that tundra was just a sockpuppet for rook. This post proves it! [That's about the sauciest post rook has ever made outside of the old politics board.]
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