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  1. Lightning win each period 2-1 with 6-3 the final. Lightning up 3 games to 0.
  2. Lightning steal game 2 by a 3-1 because of their goalie. They are now up 2-0. Two more wins to run it back.
  3. https://www.buccaneers.com/news/kyle-trask-rookie-deal-sign-roster-move-2021
  4. Game 4 win just like the Panthers series. I would rather see them close them out in Game 5 on the road rather than going back to Tampa in Game 6.
  5. He yanked Yarbrough after 8/2/3 innings of shutout ball (2 outs no one on) in a 1-0 because he did not like the matchup against the pinch hitter. I never saw Yarbs so mad as he was unhittable that day.
  6. Deserves a post on this dead board. First complete game since 2016.
  7. Someone found out how to hack the passwords at the Tribune due to a bad flaw in the software. The next thing I knew he has each other's passwords. The board had a severe sock puppet issue. One person called The BBQ complained about sock puppets and then was flagged for having multiple ones himself.I liked that board and was pissed that person did not go to the moderator to fix it rather than create chaos. The Tribune shut down down the board pretty quickly. I liked the thread format of the Tampa Tribune esp since SPT had that awful format before it finally went to a thread format.The old
  8. Famous last words in Carolina. https://twitter.com/RApollos/status/1399914563701723137/photo/1
  9. DEja Vu all over again. Lightning take Game 2 by the same score 2-1. Vasy comes up big time.
  10. Goodrow not only gets credit for the winning goal but when McDonagh's stick broke, Goodrow gave him his stick since McDonagh is the team's best defense man.
  11. The ending was wild. Carolina pulled their goalie and a Lightning broke his stick the last 20 to 30 seconds was 6 on 4.
  12. I know the Internet is supposed to be forever but they shut down that board in May 2007. I would figure at some point it would disappear esp it was created as part of the St Petersburg Times. When they changed to the Tampa Bay Times, I would tend to think they would have trashed it. The old archives of the St Petersburg Times would probably have a higher priority than a bulletin board no longer in use.
  13. The early vision of SPT was terrible with a unitary thread. You post message 248 and you might get a response back several hundred posts later. The thread version was much better. In 1995, Dilfer was an excitement killer. His first 21 games as starting QB were god awful. 5 TDs and 28 picks.
  14. He has already paid off with a Super Bowl title. Any more titles are gravy. I want that gravy!
  15. i stopped posting for the most part since no one was responding except one post after 4 or 5 days.
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