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  1. Didn’t know how much having Brady would help us with the refs. I wonder if having no fans made it a little easier to pick up the flag. Nice hustle by Winfield. Kinda disappointed in David, White and Suh tonight.
  2. https://news.yahoo.com/jaguars-verge-nfl-record-crazy-221600269.html
  3. Awesome onside kick.The ballspun slowly for The last 5 yards while the Cowboys hovered around it waiting for the Falcons to touch it or reach 10 yards. With the new rules of overloading and no running starts it is the only legitimate chance to recover a onside kick. Would think it would be much more difficult on natural grass than AstroTurf. I hate the Cowboys but the Falcons are in our division. Kinda like deciding between a fight between the KKK and Antifa.
  4. He practiced with the team Monday, so.I say he will play. The Islanders played hard against the Lightning and one of the first teams from the east coast that I couldn’t hate. They were worthy adversaries.
  5. The dream of a Tampa Bay Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and World Series Championship is still alive. Love this town.
  6. I was hoping Donovan Smith would step up his game with Brady, I was mistaken. Other than being reliable he is not worth anything near what we are paying him.
  7. I have been reduced to watching reruns of bucs games last year. Watched the falcons and rams game. Loved seeing Vita Vea score, White and Shaquille killing it. And of course Chris Godwin super star. What a great nucleus. Add in Evans, Suh, JPP and get the offense to pick up there game and it’s going to be fun. Off topic, but if this virus is so deadly why are we not comparing total deaths from last year for the same time frame this year.. Pinellas County actually had fewer deaths by more than 50. Figured that was due to reduced car accidents. If it so deadly and overwhelming our healthca
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