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  1. Yeah...after Gabbert went out the game sucked out loud. BTW come on over to the new board. Most of the old gang are coming over slowly but surely. Anyway hope to see you around.
  2. It must have worked coz I've seen you online the new forum.
  3. I already approved your login. You should be able to login with your user name and password without worrying about the email. Just so you know, hotmail will block emails such as that on occasion.
  4. The forum is up. Still have some things to tweak but what I would like is to have everyone that reads this register and post when registered. Two methods to enter the forums. from the homepage of bucschat.online and clicking the box OR direct to by going to bucschat.online/forums. Guests are only allowed 'READ ONLY' access. Thanks so much for your patience. Get the word out. I am doing adwords to get some traffic, but your word will bring more sticky customers. See you there.
  5. Ok Bucs Fans. The site and the forum will be up by Friday. A little behind schedule but hey, I have a life as well outside the Bucs, but am almost done. The forum is a work in progress. I still need to change the theme to something a bit more Buc like, the ACQB logo and some other tweeks. All in all this board will serve us for the next 3 years. If there are things you would like to see, I am open to suggestions. Just let me know. All members that have posted here will be plank owners of the new board. A plank owner a title given to the crew that is with the ship when it is commis
  6. God the Waffle House back parking lot. Where is Jessie, snook, PeggyfromSTPete and all the other that had that thrown at them...LOL.
  7. Ok guys. The new domain and hosting has been purchased. bucschat.online is the URL. The landing page to the forum will be up in the next couple days and the forum up a day or two after that.
  8. I came over from SPiT as well, joined in 1996. I remember when it was slow then it picked up. I was shocked at how many people moved over here coz I thought when SPiT ended, it would be the end of the group of posters from SPiT. I came over here and was mostly on the politics section, but decided to step back from that. I took a couple years away but would lurk every once in a while. That is a fantastic idea. That would be a story in and of itself that we have stuck around for so long and we are still here. Anyone know anyone over there? I knew Hubert Mizell personally and was
  9. Here is an update for you guys. I am looking at the second week of June at the latest. My friend who is supposed to do it hasn't had the time to put in so I am going to go it alone. I am testing some software right now to see what works and doesn't work. I looked at the software this site is run on but it is too damn expensive...and it just isn't worth what their offerings are. I see now why previous website holders asked for donations. I am waiting for the price of the domain to come down which it should in a week or two. Once the domain is available, I will pull the trigger on the
  10. There will be no donate button. As I said, if it comes to that I will put up a donate button, but this is costing me less than you might think.
  11. Ok then, no politics board. I can do an In the News which could bring some commentary on current events. There will be a NSFW area as well, so all things related to Llamas will be included it will be called what Axe suggested. There will be a all encompassing "Other Sports" board. There will be two moderators and myself. I am not going to moderate the board, but will enforce the MODs decisions. I will not ban anyone as long as people do not threaten others. Shit talk will happen, but that wont get you banned. This isn't my board as it belongs to everyone that contributes. I am
  12. Hahahaha. Don't tempt the football draft gods, please.
  13. This pick kinda makes sense, but it kinda doesn't. I would have rather focused on the Dline and Oline completely in this draft. Build depth and plan for the future. That said, perhaps that is what the Bucs are thinking with this pick. Maybe they are eyeing Trask to be the future of the Bucs once the GOAT has retired, learning the GOAT way for a year or two... Who knows. At least Licht didn't draft a kicker.
  14. I have said it before and I will say it again... FUCK AARON RODGERS RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!
  15. Seriously good call. I had my eye on him as well as a possibility, but thought he would fall in the early 2nd round. Good place for the Bucs tho. Building for the future and possible loss of JPP at the end of the 2021 season.
  16. Okie dokie Bucs fans. I have a host and am working on getting the URL/domain done. My buddy is working on the website. Also I reached out again to whomever has this board in face book. They read my message, but never replied so fuck 'em. My one question for the plank members (YOU)-what 5 features would you like to see on the board? Ratings, likes, things of that nature. Let me know. Also, what kind of other forums would you like? I have right now, BUCS / RAYS / LIGHTNING and I will also have a college section for Florida sports. GATORS / HURRICANES / KNIGHTS / SEMINOLES....missi
  17. I am going to promote the site using search engines for three months a little before the start of the season and during. I am also going to post on the other boards with links that people post here that have a good take. I am following the terms and conditions of other boards by doing so. We will get traffic I am sure.
  18. Honestly, I just wanted to take/buy the domain, but no one is replying to me. I am not sure how long this site will stay up as its certs are expired. Those are usually purchased at the same time as the domain is registered, but who knows. If we do migrate somewhere else, we can leave a message where to find us on here and the FB page for this page.
  19. I won't charge something that maybe costs me $100 a year. I am not sure the costs that were incurred with this board, but I know I will have a stable server and bandwidth on the cheap. It's good to have friends that are in the space. Anyway, I have told him to find some Bucs related domains and to set up something similar to this site, with Tampa Bay Sports, College Sports, and Off Topic discussions. Once I have a list of domains, I will post them in this thread and we can come to a consensus.
  20. If it becomes cost prohibitive for me I will sound off. But I think I got it. Servo is silent these days. Hope he is alright.
  21. You are right. Fuck that guy right in the pussy with Tndrcnts dck.
  22. ^^^^^^ That. You win the intertoobs, sir.
  23. I have tried to reach the admin here many times to no avail. I have a friend of mine who will host the site for me and set up a new board with a new domain. Is this acceptable to you all? I am not overly worried about the cost. If it is prohibitive, I will post options of voluntary assistance. This will be hosted in the US and will be kept up to date and I will pay for it under a new domain, which if we agree to go that way, we can discuss as well. Let me know your thoughts. I can have this done in about a month.
  24. Fuck Aaron Rogers right in the pussy. Fucking hate that guy. Always have, always will.
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