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  1. Week 17 and final regular season game. We all know what happened two weeks ago when Tampa coaches blew the first half but came back to win. Damn coaches. At stake is the 5th seed in the NFC playoffs. If the LA Rams win, the Bucs need to win in order to take the 5th seed. The Bucs are without 3 defensive players, including Devin White and Shaq Barrett. Let's see how the Bucs respond. ...and away we go! Go Bucs!!!
  2. So 116 yards seals the deal. Wish we could see it become the Brady-Evans show.
  3. He is certainly off to a good start. He is over 50 yards now and we are still in 1st QTR.
  4. Near 3 and out nullified by an offsides call. Couple nice passes and BOOM. TD pass to GRONK Bucs 6-0
  5. Antonio Brown with his first TD as a Buc. 46 yard TD pass. Bucs back up by 4. 31-27.
  6. Saints can't convert a 3rd and long, and miss a 53 yard FG. Falcons 6-3.
  7. When I saw the play during the game, I thought, looks like someone is holding. Then during the replay, I thought, someone definitely was holding. After seeing it a few more times his hands never get outside the shoulder pads as Dong is spinning him to the ground and he lets go during that motion. That said, that could have been called holding. As 63 said, holding has been called for less.
  8. God, Sapp was such a beast. Warner went down in such ragdoll fashion. Good to have Suh there because he carries himself in a similar manner on the field.
  9. With the Bucs playing at home and it being shellacked by the Saints just over a week ago, I wouldn't touch that bet. Actually, I never bet on or against the Bucs. It isn't good juju.
  10. This run is a thing of beauty. Just watch it... RoJo says fuck you, Panties.
  11. I was worried he was going to flagged coz that was a Warren Sapp on Chad Clifton type of block.
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