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  1. Maybe I have too much confidence in this team but I think they just lost their last regular season game. Not sure how far they will go in the playoffs though. Reiff won't be able to block JPP or Shaq. Stop Dalvin and they win. Vikings pass defense and pass rush are nothing special this year. Bucs should be able to score 30 at least.
  2. Right. That's a silver lining for sure. Need to have quality depth or get really lucky if you want to win a championship. Hopefully we have a smooth week against the Giants and can get our starters out by the 4th quarter.
  3. Man this is irritating. Can we just have one week that no one gets hurt?
  4. True but he's making the most of those snaps. He seems to have a nose for the ball. Hopefully he can keep it up.
  5. I love this WR group. Scotty Miller is such a gamer. If these guys can get to full health and Brown clicks with the locker room and Brady this passing game can be truly special. The run blocking was not good today though. Defensively Is like to see them be more aggressive at times to take away the short pass but they were above average today especially in the second half. Edwards and Winfield are turning into elite safeties.
  6. I'm pumped. I think he will get along great with the locker room and coaches. I'd much rather have him than let Wilson get him. As long as Smith holds up and we don't get injuries we are loaded. If he doesn't fit in he will be banned from facilities and it will be a nothingburger. Lotto ticket with nothing to lose.
  7. Marpet and Wirfs have been outstanding. They should be the cornerstones of the line for many years to come.
  8. Really hope I'm still able to watch live locally.
  9. I love Suh and how they responded to the early deficit. Let's go boys!
  10. Injuries are definitely taking a toll and some of those penalties were complete bull but they absolutely have to get them cleaned up. Donovan had what two false starts and a sack given up? Unacceptable. I love Jensen bit he has to play with more controlled anger. Wirfs finally looked like a rookie as well. Defensively they should have played better. They allowed too many wide open targets especially underneath. Why they were playing off on the last Bears drive allowing them an uncontested conversion I have no idea. Also, if in fact Vea is out for the year expect the run defense to
  11. This is definitely a game where the offense will have to grind it out but the defense has a chance to win for us and dominate the Bears.
  12. I'm hopeful they will at least have Evans and Miller. Brate and Gronk are due for more targets. They may not light up the scoreboard this week but the defense should get after Foles.
  13. He's been very solid so far. Future looks bright for this draft class.
  14. Great to get a comeback win like that. The Chargers are a tough team and they play hard. The defense was concerning today. Herbert looks pretty good and handles the blitz well. Offensively they are definitely improving despite the injuries. You just hope the injury bug stops and they have a chance to really sync up. Losing OJ hurts. He was really clicking with Brady and finally starting to show what a mismatch he can be.
  15. Yes! Definitely needed Saints to lose this one. They play the 9ers and we play the Rams coming up. That's a huge advantage for them. Hopefully a cupcake team on their schedule pulls an upset.
  16. I expect the defense to blitz like crazy. Bolles the LT is not very good and Shaq and/ or JPP should have a good day. Shut down the run and Fant and it will be tough for Denver to get anything going. Offensively I will be watching how they block Chubb. I think they will play a lot of zone as our wideouts are superior to their corners. They have a great safety tandem though. Hopefully they don't get the opportunity to pick off Brady. Excited to see the pewter jerseys in action!
  17. Always love to see the Saints lose and yes I still love Gruden.
  18. Nice to get a win they had to have but it should have been more of a blowout. Three dropped TD passes is unacceptable. The defense gave up too many yards. Where are the tight ends? Was nice to see Fournette close it out with the long run though. Good blocking on that play. Still have a lot to tighten up but it's early.
  19. This sucks but they can't afford to rush him back with this type of injury. They still have plenty of weapons and should be ok as long as the blocking is better than last week.
  20. Also after he got Brady killed he almost ripped his arm out of the socket trying to "help" him up.
  21. I think they'll get it turned around quick. Brady and Arians are too smart to not get this fixed. The entire offense needs to be better. Blocking, WRs winning one on one matchups, and yes Brady needs to be better with his reads and ball placement. They will gel quickly and start putting up a lot of points soon imo as long as the blocking holds up. Smith is not very good. He's average at best. I hope Wirfs is the LT next year.
  22. He had a rough day. Was abused by several saints and had at least one costly penalty. He has to play better.
  23. Agree. I wouldn't mind Bowles taking over for BA. I think Arians has at least another year after this though.
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