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  1. The best players play. And while I don't have much use for Antonio Brown on any level, he's obviously a superior talent to guys like Miller, Watson and Johnson.
  2. I thought your points were insightful and spot on, hence the suspicion that the account had been hijacked. 😉
  3. Either your account's been hijacked, or someone hid the keys to the liquor cabinet.
  4. C'mon guys, there was helmet-to-helmet, check the video. Mimimal contact, yes, but I'd rather see a bright red line than a subjective call. And I'd rather see that call made than see the league eventually fold because of high-profile CTE cases.
  5. Bitch all you want, but you've gotta admit, Winston's kneel-down at the end was textbook.
  6. Y'all see what's coming doncha? Winston will play.
  7. Y'all see what's coming doncha? Winston will play.
  8. I could handle this a lot better if Taysom Hill left on a cart.
  9. I could handle this a lot better if Taysom Hill left on a cart.
  10. Started watching last night, as there was nothing else of interest happening around the country. I agree - it rawks.
  11. Kwan has always done an excellent job of taking bad angles and missing tackles while mixing in the occasional splash play that keeps teams overestimating his skill set. all self-respecting Bucs fans know this.
  12. For those of you bummed out that you can't go trick or treating tonight, this might cheer you up. https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4082375-how-the-falcons-can-still-win-the-nfc-south/
  13. After reviewing the thread in detail, I'd have to say its a great thing.
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