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  1. Yep. It’s been a busy week but pretty soon I’ll try signing up with a different email address.
  2. Tried it three times and nothing... maybe I need to use a different email address. I try to only use my old Hotmail one for anything that's a registration or sign-up thing.
  3. So I just tried to create an account but it's been a few hours without the confirmation email... how long before I need to assume it's not coming? The username is TheConspiracy - if anyone is able to re-send it or check...
  4. We can move this to the FF area later (if that even matters) but I figured I'd post it here for visibility. Who's in? [X] The Conspiracy (Me) [X] Abdullah to Zorn (Tom Brooks) [X] Arian's Nation (Force) [ ] Baby Buccaneers (Stewie) [ ] Bad News Bears (Troy) [ ] Blood Bay Buccaneers (Charles) [ ] Captain Zippy (Brian) [X] CT Milf Hunters (Jeff) [X] Show Me Your TD's (Steve) [ ] Slappy McPherson (Hankford) Also if anyone new wants to join, we can certainly go to 12 or 14 teams.
  5. Don’t be surprised if the next guy is Bowles or Leftwich, and they have ‘their guy’, but with two years experience.
  6. Our last FSU QB was a consensus top 2 talent and that didn’t work out very well...
  7. I’m good with this. I want the Bucs to try to stay competitive after Brady and having a plan at QB is the only way that happens. We’ll see if Trask is up to it... but I like the philosophy and I like the pick - especially because the added some pass rush first.
  8. If everyone migrates, I’ll come along. It won’t be the first time over the last 20 years... If possible, it would be good to leave this site up as long as possible with a message about where stragglers can find us.
  9. I’ve heard the alcohol thing from a few people who would know... I believe that wholeheartedly.
  10. If the Bucs can find the cap space, I’d absolutely give Antonio Brown $5m per year, non guaranteed.
  11. If you're not a star, there's no better job in football, maybe the world, than being a good backup QB.
  12. Rumor is he's going to replace Collinsworth on Sunday Night Football, so his ability to frustrate us on Sunday's isn't going away at all.
  13. $30m without contracts for Suh, Barrett, Godwin, Gronk, Brown, Fournette, David... Yikes... I wonder how badly people want to stick around to play with Brady. Evans offered to restructure, so that's nice... Do we know if there are any obvious cap casualties that could free up space without dramatically weakening the roster?
  14. I suppose your'e not wrong... $5-7 M per year sounds right. But 3-4 M per, the Bucs should pay that easily. There are only a few, and Fournette wouldn't be one of them based on one playoff run, but the top RB's who manage to get second contracts make between $7 and $16m per year.
  15. There's literally a team in Pittsburgh called the Pirates, but we're starting with the Buccaneers... ok.
  16. $3-4 million hasn’t been a medium sized price tag for a starting RB since 2004. That’s dirt fucking cheap. If he’s going to play for that much it had better be in Tampa.
  17. What about the Sabres? That’s a tool exclusively made to kill. And don’t get me started on all the bad shit Wizards have done throughout human history.
  18. This all depends on who's on the board and how free agency goes... I think we're going to end up needing pass rushers more than anything, but yes OL wouldn't hurt. If there is a solid prospect who's fallen a little and is there at 32, and the Bucs have a good free agency period, I would not be opposed to drafting a QB to let him learn from Brady... whether that's one year, 2, or 5, I have no idea - but if the Bucs aren't going to be right back where they started in two years, I want them to have a plan at that position before they need it, and while the GOAT is wandering around sho
  19. Yeah they had some rough patches where it really looked like they didn't know what they were doing, but they finally hired a guy in Licht who managed to figure it out. Licht from 5 years ago was a totally different guy than Licht is today. He drafts better, hired the right coach, talked Brady into coming over... made the tough call on Jameis... Aces all around.
  20. 11 months ago I wasn’t sure about letting Winston go... even if Winston takes over for Brees, fixes his turnover problems, and dominates this division for a decade, the Bucs got a Super Bowl, and it was 1000% worth it. Licht and Arians swung for the fences and hit the home run.
  21. It’s straight up not fair to Mahomes to start comparing him to Brady... even if he’d won tonight, there is a chasm between 2 and 6 Super Bowl wins. Between 2 and 10 appearances. Brady is the only guy to ever win 5 Super Bowls, forget 6 and 7. One guy in the history of the league. A lot of guys win one early and don’t go back or never win a second. Brees... Rodgers... hell even Peyton Manning only has two. The difference between 1 and 7 insurmountable. Mahomes is probably on his way to a fantastic, HOF-caliber career, just let him do his thing without all this mini-GOAT bullsh
  22. I can’t fucking believe that after watching Tom Brady dominate the NFL for two decades, his GOAT career includes at least one championship for the Bucs. This is beyond surreal. I thought ten wins and a wildcard loss would be a massive success given how insane this year was and how old he is... no preseason... all this crazy shit. I expected NO to win, I expected Green Bay to win. I knew the Bucs could win this game, but it was still hard to say you expected it 18 years without a playoff win and now this... fucking unreal
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