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  1. I’m a pretty patient guy, I’ve been enjoying this season immensely. But better play means higher expectations and I can be happy about the win while acknowledging that this kind of effort won’t beat stronger teams in the playoffs. A first half like we saw today and this team is one and done. Play like they did in the second half and the sky is the limit.
  2. Sloppy tackling, soft zone coverage, no pressure on Goff... At least Todd Bowles will probably be available next year...
  3. Yeah, by the time they got to Philly they just changed the stat to say the Bucs hadn’t won a game below 30.
  4. I really hope it’s Jameis. I’ve been extremely happy with Brady at QB, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think the Bucs should have stuck with Winston after his 5000 yard season. I’ll be glad to be wrong and dispense with the what-ifs that are floating around in the back of my mind... so seeing if he plays well or if it’s more of the same on a winning organization with a respected head coach is particularly interesting to me. If he shits the bed, not only would I feel better about him being gone, but it could help Tampa win the division. I suppose the the side of that coin is t
  5. This is an excellent point that Tundra isn’t taking into account and should make a noticeable difference in the team’s performance. Rams 48, Bucs 20.
  6. I just read that Brees is only expected to miss 2 to 3 weeks, and in the next four week span they have the Falcons twice, the Broncos, and the Eagles. The Saints probably win all four of those regardless of who’s filling in for Brees. Meanwhile, the Bucs get the Rams and Chiefs before the Vikings and Falcons. Tampa is going to have to beat some quality opponents to win this division. Getting swept by the Saints is going to come back to bite us in the ass.
  7. Am I the only one who thought Fournette has the first down and doesn’t Understand why no one challenged? Edit, never mind... you were all saying it as I posted.
  8. Zebras missed a massive block in the back on 24 on the play where JPP made the shoestring tackle. This drive should have ended 7 plays ago.
  9. Jameis' first pass was a pick six and look out that turned out! Wait...
  10. It's weird watching a bucs team that's able to finish a game. I went into this year thinking all I want is the Bucs to play meaningful football in December. I'm generally just so sick of being in a draft-talk mode by the second week of October. But this team's getting better, a deep playoff run should be in order if things keep going like this.
  11. Was the sexual assault allegation legit or did that go away? If he didn’t do that, I’m fine with it. If he’s a rapist or has a pending credible accusation against him, no thanks.
  12. I’m just saying it should be flipped. Green Bay should be nice and high, but one spot behind the team that just curb stomped them seems more appropriate than one spot ahead.
  13. ESPN has the Bucs at 7, which is great. It has Green Bay at 6, which is bullshit.
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