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  1. Blaaaaaaiiiiiiiinne! One more reason to love our Bucs.
  2. I'm not sure we go into the season with Trask, and Griffin even though the just signed him. But Trask won't be the all time worst 2nd round pick. It'll be hard to hurt the team like that kicker did.
  3. We definitely need a place for politics to keep it out of the other places. But there should be 2. One main one. And one separate one for the whiny limp-wristed woke-ass know-it-all's to spout their shit.
  4. Antonio Brown is back for another Super Bowl. One year, $3.1M.
  5. Say my name, bitch! Tevita Tuliʻakiʻono Tuipulotu Mosese Vaʻhae Fehoko Faletau “Vita” Vea 😁 (No, that part ain't pronounced fellatio)
  6. Gotta love the one year deals. One fuckin Super Bowl at a time!
  7. He's an ancient 35 years old but the good thing is he only cost a 7th round pick and was worth every penny then and probably every nickel now. Another good thing is he's self motivated and a hands on type. When he found out about the trade just before the game in Miami, and then hopefully after a shower, he hopped in his car and drove to Tampa.
  8. Suh's OK. I just can't help imagining how good the affable ice cream man would have made JPP, Shaq, Vea and others though. Oh, and Suh doesn't even seem to be apologizing to QB's when he hits them. #whutadick.
  9. Fuck Dong. He's taking away one of the things to bitch about. We might have to resort to accusing Brady of making him look good.
  10. "Dong Smith continues to let defensive linemen get their way" is thankfully not the headline here. Good moves abound lately. SB Bound!
  11. Tell us again Steve why we didn't draft Kuechly because of who we drafted earlier or... It made sense last time. Apparently it's still safe here without a condom. Some posters believe it's safer at BucsChatDown on FB. Are you going bareback as another Steve there? C'mon man sign up if yer not.
  12. Watched with the sound off and early Dice Clay video on in the background. Best 20 minutes in weeks.
  13. The answer is pretty simple. They test for the virus in order to keep the teams available for the TV shows they produce. That's the NFL lifeline. Brain injury may be prevalent but it's not a threat to revenue. That's stating the obvious, but when players move on seems the NFL couldn't give a fuck. Unless it's bad enough PR to force a turnaround. Like we saw this season.
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