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  1. The rules are OK but sticking to the topic has never been a strong point of the board. The tangents and ensuing mayhem or comic relief often had legs creating some of the most memorable threads. I'm sure we've got plenty to look forward to too
  2. ...Saving Lives. Possibly. At least according to a USAToday fluff job. That is all.
  3. That asshole sucked a pig dick right there. Best sports guy ever had to be Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe. To bad his prime time run ended long ago.
  4. Cool! Great memories of posters there. And good to see I (BW) was recorded having an actual football post.
  5. Bur did he in fact also shit in the woods?
  6. I came over from the SPiT too. I think I found that board in around the '93 or '94 time frame but I was "BW" there. Followed everyone here right after that was killed. Any way the ACQB logo can be brought to the new site much like it was brought to this one?
  7. ...been paddlin' for gravy since ...well, even before that Farah poster. Go Brady!
  8. All records should be based on 14 games or the old guys get screwed. Rather, continue to get screwed. Give the new guys participation trophys for exceeding them after 14. When there are 18 games and guys are hitting 2,000 yds receiving they should be automatically nominated for an Emmy too. #&+!?!!NFL@:!*!!Goo$#@:!?dell!!!! Update: nobody gives a fuck about the old guys and the dinosaur league because they're dead or only selling medicare plans on TV. Call now it's free!
  9. Blaaaaaaiiiiiiiinne! One more reason to love our Bucs.
  10. I'm not sure we go into the season with Trask, and Griffin even though the just signed him. But Trask won't be the all time worst 2nd round pick. It'll be hard to hurt the team like that kicker did.
  11. We definitely need a place for politics to keep it out of the other places. But there should be 2. One main one. And one separate one for the whiny limp-wristed woke-ass know-it-all's to spout their shit.
  12. Covid fucked up the Production vs Potential draft formula for some. Picking last and with everyone returning it's a reasonable risk as it's all a big crap shoot anyway.
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