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  1. The answer is pretty simple. They test for the virus in order to keep the teams available for the TV shows they produce. That's the NFL lifeline. Brain injury may be prevalent but it's not a threat to revenue. That's stating the obvious, but when players move on seems the NFL couldn't give a fuck. Unless it's bad enough PR to force a turnaround. Like we saw this season.
  2. If I'm ever found like that in a hotel I hope people would have some decency and not speculate on my state of mind or illicit drug use. Evidence of drugs probably would be found but surely belong to the two or three whores that left me dehydrated and unresponsive. Godspeed Mr. Jackson.
  3. These are times when butt-hurt rules. So sad. That reminds me. What do you tell a woman who has two black eyes. Nothing, You already told her twice.
  4. We are a wellspring of meritorious yet dubious information. Drink from us as a tawny port. Bowels Super Bowl game plan was solid and remarkably carried out.
  5. OP: [Steam bursts from ears.] In your face bitches! Crow away fanof. There's not a fucking thing to bitch about today. Not one of us damn BucsChat ne'er-do-wells can. Not even piddly shit like the backspin of Pinion's lofty balls or Jensen's sailing snap. Yesterday's shit kicking was, if not a little perplexing, fucking PERFECT.
  6. I saw the headline and thought it was the other way around. What the fuck.
  7. I've bitched about the coaches. Also about players. Even called our LT Dong Smith a couple times. It was amusing. Wasn't too high on Cappa early on. He's missed now. GM Light? I fucked him. And you might have heard some of my less than favorable comments about the ownership if you've been here a while. But I'm here. And didn't really believe we'd win any of these last three games. Hoped like hell we would. I'm fucking ecstatic. What an incredible season. National recognition. Even if there's a contingent in that group which probably wanted to see Brady's ancient ass faceplant in Tampa's turf.
  8. They always keep the heart rate up but it was a damn nice win. It's different being an offensive team and scoring over 30 but I'm getting used to it. BTW I'm a short timer. Only since '77.
  9. It's already the best season in over a decade. Hopefully Evans is OK and the Covid cases resolve favorably. Brady and the talent brought with him was a good decision. At least one of the Glazertards needs to step up and reward Arians and Light with a blowjob. Not just one of their likely stroke and choke hurry up I'm on the clock ones. The almost tortuous, slow, edging, rimming, deeply felt thanks for the jewelry type. Or maybe a contract extension or something nice like that. Whichever.
  10. I like bitching about the team at times. The coaches, certain players at whom I'd target the mild angst or full ration of shit that can build up in a fucking instant or a season. Might mean I'm a dick. Doesn't mean I don't love em. Except for 76. Fuckin sloppy c u n t. And Succup. Fucking idiot kicker con job. Builds some confidence and oops BAM he's Succs. Lefttwich? If they don't score over 30 per game he ain't doing his job with this crew. Useless fuck. Good to hear it's safe in the asylum here.
  11. He trusted his defense. Which he should've up to that point. He had to make a call. Like they say, some days you're the dog and some days you're the tree. I guess Fitz soaked Chuckie's leg pretty damn good.
  12. You saying we suffer from BD? We need somma that blue Biagra to raise the red flags? The 49ers just stole Josh Rosen off the practice squad. We still have Blaine.
  13. It was utterly delightful and there was quite the revelry as I popped a cork.
  14. The BucsChat Down group was created by RichLP in 2016 for BucsChat.com users to gather in the event of a forum outage. It's been somewhat useful. It's a private group as rook mentioned. The only FB issue might be using your current FB name if you have one rather than the one here but there's likely a way to avoid that. If you can find a spare 10 minutes that would be great though...
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