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  1. Happy Bday Rino!

    1. Capt. Rino

      Capt. Rino

      Thanks buddy I just saw this!

  2. Great piece about a very special person Ryan Shuck or Bucs0981 as he was known on BucsChat. http://tbo.com/list/columns-bearden/disabled-tampa-manx2019s-indomitable-spirit-overcame-all-odds-20130901/
  3. Thanks buddy! Old school has been very busy lately. His wife just had their 2nd child. Also Derek has been gaining quite a good rep as he's been getting a lot of guest host appearances on various radio shows around the Tampa Bay area. He also recently got a trip up to canton to the Hall of Fame for his tireless work and reputation. Old School knows his stuff as he's excellent at breaking down a game and analyzing the practices as he has field access. Old School worked at Microsoft in seattle for a while and that's where he got his mad computer skills, but he was also actually a footb
  4. I was never on the Trib site, but I know a lot of the SPIT posters started there. I miss the old CNNSI board as there were soem great posters. It was broken down by the divisions and the teams as we were in the old NFC Central with da Bears, Packers, Vikings and Lions. Some of the old Packers fans like BTP, Jazzblow and others were on there too. It was a good board. We had one guy going by UFC_Fan that always wanted to fight everyone. He was a lifelong resident of Tampa, but he hated the Buc's. He always said he was a fan of players and wan't a fan of any team, he loved the Canes in
  5. Damn it's been over 5 years since Rob started Bucs Chat. It really does not feel that long. It boggles my mind when I think that I have been on these message boards for 16 years. Started on the old CNNSI message board, which is now long gone, than moved over to the SPIT, which is also gone.
  6. Memphis probably had the best I have ever eaten next to Chef Red's that is! I spent two years in Memphis and there was this place not far from the office with the families last name, but I cannot remember it??? It was 3 brothers who all were around 300 lbs. a piece. It was the best! The place was always packed.
  7. Who do you think Buc You is? Thanks buddy!

  8. BUCarino,

    Do you still have access to the "Your old school Pinellas" thread or where I could find it?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Go to the Buc's section and look on the Brownies tailgate thread and you will find maps that Red posted.


    Cheers to you too!



  10. Mark,


    Sorry as I just read this message. Go to Whatthebuc.com and to the tailgate section and you will find out the info for our tailgates and you're more then welcomg to join us. I will also send you maps to where it is at.


    Scott (BUCarino)

  11. Hi BUCarino. Me and 3 friends are travellings over to Florida in a couple of weeks and heading the Bucs vs Steelers game. We really want to soak up pre game atmosphere and have a few beers. Can you give us any advice since its our first football game.


    Sorry for pouncing but i was told in a thread to contact you for advice.




  12. Thanks for your honesty and your two cents! I agree of course as the best jobs creator is your federal infrastructure IMHO.

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