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  1. Perhaps it is the Tampa Two ? Some question IF it is as good a defense as some think, because any team with Sapp, Lynch, Barber and Rice would be stellar, no matter what the scheme. One thing is for sure, a Tampa 2, with zero pass rush, will get torched, as we saw today. God help us, Had Cam Newton been back there
  2. I agree, he wants to win a ring, so Denver and Seattle give him the best chances of that. Besides, who wants to come to Tampa, and catch MRSA
  3. Agreed, starting Sunday, against the Beagles. I would not want to be Nick (The Prick) Foles. Tampa has a pass rush now, and a vastly improves secondary. I hope that long legged skinny *** runs for his life, and makes a mistake. We owe his ass for last year. I think this coming Sunday will be the start of us coming together, and we will beat the Eagles. With a win, a lot of the shit will stop
  4. I remember reading where PJ Fleck came right out and said the NFL has caught up, with our Offense. But still, Josh flat played himself right out of a Job. One has to ask, whatever happened to our one time Alpha Male QB, who lead us back from certain defeat many times, and did the Dirty Bird Dance, in the Atlanta end zone. Where did THAT Josh Freeman go ?
  5. Blount, Talib, and yes, Winslow have all had great games against us. I am still trying to sip the Schiano Kool aid, but this game made it tough to do so. One more loss, and like someone else here said, things are gonna go crazy, at One Buc Place. On Paper, we have 8 pro bowlers, and we even had Nicks back today. WHY do we keep on losing, and losing so badly, like we did today. WTF is wrong with our Team ?
  6. It was a total nail biter, then a tear jerker, at the end. We should be 2 and 0, instead we are 0 and 2
  7. A few shingle and tile roof cleaning jobs we have done in the Tampa area. My Son and I, and all employees of Apple Roof Cleaning, are long time Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fans.
  8. Fuck NO! Back when we fist hired Schiano, many of my friends and I were concerned, especially when he forced Winslow off the team. But, Winslow had his revenge today, he fuckin hurt us with some keep the drive alive clutch catches, all from a fuckin rookie QB!
  9. I was hoping Owusu would make it. I liked his speed a lot.
  10. Amen to that Steve! Zimmer and Orlovski sounds more like a Law Firm, then QB Coaches.
  11. We will all be watching on TV, but I wish Miami was closer to Tampa, or I had another reason to go down there. Word is that Miami is vastly improved/improving. I think this will be a great test for us, and our players. I read that Miami wasted no time with their first mandatory cuts.
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