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  1. Mariota if Tedford signs off on him, or the top guy in the trenches on either side of the ball. Wish we could get that QB Hackenberg from PSU, but I don't think he's eligible until 2016.
  2. Basically a wide open lane for the Gators to get to the final 4 now.
  3. About what Big Ben ran at similar height/weight. I guess the throwing that Manziel and Bridgewater decided not to participate in went well for Blake. Seems like from what I'm hearing Bortles did everything to solidify his position in the top 10.
  4. Really felt like the offseason started sometime between when Josh's headset went out and he went into freak out mode and when Lavonte Freeman (as Mean Gene calls the best player on our team) pushed Geno Smith out of bounds in New York. What a clusterfuck of a season. End the misery!!
  5. You can see where he could be confused. It is a lot like Rutgers and they are playing in Ray Jay. Just wait till we play the Niners and Jim Leavitt is on the other sideline. Very confusing.
  6. This team could really use some speed. Desmond is the only guy with wheels on the team and yet he is also not a great base stealer. Myers is quicker than I expected, but his defense is absolutely pathetic. The entire outfield defense was a horror show this season to contrast the great infield D.
  7. I was all for releasing or trading him until he started crying about it. There is a rat in the Bucs organization that has been leaking every juicy nugget to the media that there is -- the players meeting - the Revis rumor - the Josh Freeman piss tests. Doesn't mean that the organization sanctioned it. Why is it an outrage that a leak is smearing the reputation of Freeman, but it was legitimate unfounded journalism that smeared Schiano's reputation claiming he rigged the captaincy vote and that was the topic of a players only meeting? The difference being one was true - Freeman IS in the pr
  8. Got to agree here. We are in a dog fight with Jacksonville, but I like our chances.
  9. So, is Dominik 24-44 now? How does he keep his job?
  10. Did anyone see the ESPN interview with Josh? He looked like a college kid being asked about his Physics class. No passion, just a lot of the same old Eeyore woe is me crap. The media again catches itself in multiple hipocracies. If Schiano was the problem, teams would be busting down the doors to trade for a starting caliber QB. The problem is that the other NFL teams have game film too. Prisco has always been a hater of the team in Tampa Bay, I think he picked us to win 3 games last year, but now he loves their benched QB??
  11. This is the problem with the argument. You can't just assume that since the Rays are near the bottom in attendance that they are near the bottom in viewership. The Rays do not have bad viewership. They have great viewership. In fact: http://www.draysbay.com/2010/11/24/1832575/tampa-bay-rays-had-fifth-highest-local-television-ratings-in-mlb Everyone thinks that because the attendance is bad that people don't care about the team. That is false. People don't go to games because of the location of the stadium, the stadium itself, the fact that it is WAY cheaper and less of a h
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