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  1. Fuckin LURCH raked in the coin and the babe. But he fucking sucks at QB. As I've always said.
  2. Anyone know what his incentive laden deal in 2020 was actually worth against the cap? Not that I understand a fucking thing about the cap.
  3. My dick is reserved for non-whining bitches!
  4. Um.......I'm trying to pop a chubby but all I'm getting is meh. Maybe some goatporn...................
  5. Mostly errors of omission, like completely disappearing in the 4th quarter nd especially in games of relative importance, which there were few of during his cuddly tenure. I read where JPP went off on him because he kept tapping out in the 4th quarter of some game during JPP's first season with the Bucs. Suh has already impacted more games in two seasons than Geraldine did in 6 or 9 or 43 or however many fucking kimono-laden seasons the overly kind waste of talent played in Tampa.
  6. I'm in you inbred neurotic bastages. But only if the llama farm I've been incubating can come along.
  7. Fuck Geraldine hard with Snook's ******.
  8. Let someone else overbid the Bucs otherwise adios. Oh and since it's time FIRE ARIANS NOW
  9. SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Fuck Geraldine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HmwDwGoapI
  10. I'm risking my safety to be here. Falcons 89 Bucs 0
  11. Aw fuckit. Vikings are gonna kill us, the team melts down and implodes publicly just in time for a Raheehaw sweep. Fuck this fuckened bunch of fucks.
  12. They have the talent now. That is undeniable. The combination of scheme, game plan, play calling on both side of the ball and execution are all contributing to massive underachievement. Maybe Marcia is like the rest of the team - fuck it I’ll just throw up a prayer, no one else has a clue maybe this will work. It’s worked 3 or 4 times out of the last 40. Glazarians is the offensive version of Lovie Smith. The game has passed him by and he’s too stubborn and blind to see it when it’s fucking obvious to everyone else. What’s worked - and what hasn’t worked - it’s a broken fuc
  13. Fuzzy Mae West would have asked for the double team.
  14. Hatem. Fuckem. We'll finish 5-11.
  15. Well, fuck. I was just trying to be positive, you know me. Always shedding a ray of sunshine for my sucschat brethren. Great? Hell no. The Bucs have never been known for a GREAT offensive line. This one might have a chance if we can replace the left oaf.
  16. In stretches, there have been episodes of decent OL play. The 2002 playoff run, the OL played well especially run blocking. Gruden inexplicably broke it up even though it wasn’t consuming a ton of cap. That was his biggest mistake going into 2003. The 1979 team had its times where it run blocked well. The Dungy’s Bucs had some decent run blocking for WD40. Even this year there have been a number of games where there was good run blocking, and even good pass pro. When Marpet was out and Haeg came in against the Saints it was a disaster. When they benched him and mo
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