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  1. They have the talent now. That is undeniable. The combination of scheme, game plan, play calling on both side of the ball and execution are all contributing to massive underachievement. Maybe Marcia is like the rest of the team - fuck it I’ll just throw up a prayer, no one else has a clue maybe this will work. It’s worked 3 or 4 times out of the last 40. Glazarians is the offensive version of Lovie Smith. The game has passed him by and he’s too stubborn and blind to see it when it’s fucking obvious to everyone else. What’s worked - and what hasn’t worked - it’s a broken fuc
  2. GODDDDDAMMMMMMITTTTTTT The fucking Bears. Well we’re almost certain to lose at least two against the Queens, Cnts or Loins so then the Bears will have company in being shittier that the Bucs but planting a loss on the Glazarians’ ass.
  3. Against woeful Kentucky, his brigade of confused athletes once again didn’t know what the fuck they were supposed to be doing in the first half, and Mullen went Full Nuclear on his ass with about two minutes left in the first half. It was gorgeous, a thing of beauty. Gives me hope that the Toadster will be relieved of his duties and relieved on by Mullen as soon as the season ends. This fuckstick couldnt coach a lick at Georgia and I’m not sure why Mullen hired him at Miss St after fucking up at Georgia, let alone why he drug his fat oafish ass to Gainesville. I hope Mullen keeps the fu
  4. PS - please cancel the fucking season due to the health risk. I almost killed the neighbor girl with my TV after Marcia Brady’s helmet clanging interception tonight.
  5. GODDDAMMMMITTTTT. Thinking alright, the GOAT has this and Leftwurch will stop setting up Brady to throw the deep ball, we'll juct drive it down and score a TD or a FG with time expiring and the GOAT delivers one of the epic wins in Bucs history (not many of those). Instead, we get --- THAT. Fuck fuck fuck fuck you you you you Glazers Arians Leftirurch Brady my ass is sore and once again you took me back and then threw me in the sewer like Belushi to Carrie Fisher in the Blues Brothers. FUCK THIS FUCKENED OVERHYPED BUNCH OF FUCKS. The goddamned D
  6. Gruden is getting really fucking fat, man. Hope he doesn’t have the big one before he gets his ass in shape.
  7. I fucked Mae West. Her voice was lower than smricnt’s voice. Wait - maybe that was snricnt.
  8. None of JPP, Suh, or Shaq would still be on the team. Gronkowski wouldn’t be here. Fournette wouldn’t be a Buc. This would be a clusterfuck of epic proportions with yet another fraud I got tricked by. FUCKEM. HATEM.
  9. You win. The whole shebang. That is fuckn genius. I’ll retire and just post dry boring shit about things, from now on. GSS, I bow to you sir,
  10. I meant your take on the original question.
  11. My liquor cabinet has retina scanned facial recognition software. The account may have been hijacked however, hence all the shitty porn I’m getting in my Private Messages. I believe you know some of these guys, Evans anyway, what’s your take?
  12. I wish you guys wouldn't quote the constant menstrual stream from the 13 year old boy. Constant PMS. Dong nearly got Brady killed against the Saints twice, gets outplayed by a rookie all year, gets made fun of by Cam Jordan and others who beat him like a bald headed cripple, gets called out by Arians for not being able to block the easier guy, but he's somehow earning his $14.5 million a year because he shows up once in a while. Fuck me Larry.
  13. He is indeed a monster. Demonstrates how to play NFL offensive tackle. Says he is inspired by A. Q. Shipley. Notable in who he didn't laud -- the Dongster.
  14. Looking back............the Dongster had a decent game against the Rams last year, even with JaMiss trying to make him look bad. If the Dongster doesn't play like ass, maybe the Bucs have a better chance than I'm giving them on offfense. Bucs will score 23. Rams will score 51.
  15. I’m sure that’ll fix it, BA. Well at least he’s trying. Keep AB on a short fuckn leash.
  16. A syphilitic gangrenous dick with oozing pustules. Too bad there’s nor a way to ban this oozing dick.
  17. Heuy maybe you and I need to start ranting about how much Josh Rosen fucking sucks. Then he might actually turn out to be the quarterback of the future that we'd hoped Freeload and JaMiss were going to be!
  18. Well, yes, and then there is this. Bonz, you da mang! It really boils down to "The Cheap" thing. Glazertards should roast in the worst hell. Hatem. Fuckem,
  19. Fucking Dong. Every Bucs quarterback makes him look bad! It's a sinister plot!
  20. We will if they go on a JaMiss interception - fueled losing streak.
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