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  1. I love the optimism. *** dng smth wth tndrcnt
  2. tndrcnt, why u tlkn 2 yslf? go blw on a flt or smthng. cnt dketr.
  3. RoJo....what the fuck dude. He went slap off. I think most of his fumbles have come on passing plays to him. Can someone confirm that? If that's the case, stop throwing the fucking ball to him. He has great vision. Great moves. He just needs to work on ball security.
  4. The total lackluster team effort proved AB disrupted the locker room the day he arrived, cancerous bitch he is. (just for you, '63)
  5. Everything about last night's game was suck. Everything. On to the next one, boys. It pisses me off more to see Jaboob dancing and eating a W like he did something relevant in the game. This was more about the Bucs lack of execution as a whole, not what the Saints did or didn't do.
  6. Devin White and Jamel Dean are getting abused by Brees and company. The offense has kept the defense on the field the entire half...... What a sickening game.
  7. Agree 100%. I thought the flag would stand. Had Jones thrown the ball where he should have, the flag would have stood. He threw behind the receiver just enough to cause the contact and give the receiver no chance. And you’re right, it would have been a retry at the worst. Pass defense wasn’t close to good last night. LBs we’re getting roasted, as was the DBs. If there was a better QB playing than Jones, Tampa would have been blown out last night. A win is a win. Onto the next one.
  8. Pass coverage in general last night was bad.....but there were times the D-Line wasn't pressuring Jones - especially in the first half. When they got pressure, Jones would make awkward throws for 15 yard gains.......pass defense needs to be better for any chance of real contention. Regardless, White > Alexander and the Buccin Fucs are 6-2.
  9. I’ll take Jenna. The second one has too much hair on its chinny chin chin. Reminds me of Fuzzy Mae after she returns from being tied up at Reg’s. tndrcnt, fk u u flt blwng bstrd. Fzzy Mae sys fk u wth a ht crlng irn.
  10. Tndrcnt, is ths yr sckppt dk gbln? U fckn flt blwng bstrd. Llm mlkr.
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