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  1. Can't wait, Blaque! Quick question that I don't recall seeing here (maybe I missed it): Will you have a DONATE button so we can help embedded in the new site?
  2. Not crazy about the pick, but I get it. Welcome to the Bucs, Kyle Trask!
  3. Blaque, you are the man. Please let us know when you have it ready to be gate-crashed by this band of miscreants. And if you need anything in the way of $$$, just shoot me a PM.
  4. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31177988/tampa-bay-buccaneers-picking-5th-year-option-dt-vita-vea
  5. I would not pay him that. He doesn't understand his place in the NFL world. Nobody wanted to deal with his BS. He got the opportunity in Tampa because of GOAT. He should drop his demands, get a full season under his belt on his best behavior, and then see who is willing to pay him what he's looking for.
  6. That was a really bad draft in my opinion. Hargreaves didn't live up to expectation (and I am not sure he would have anyway). I was never high on Spence and have no idea why they drafted him, other than they saw him as a 1st round talent that made it into the 2nd. Aguayo......well enough said about that. Smith hung around longer than I thought he would. Then you have Benenoch, Bond, and Vitale. Bond was an ok substitute when needed piece. Benenoch was terrible. I don't recall anything about Vitale.
  7. Good move. He was near spectacular at the end of the regular season, through the playoffs, and in the Super Bowl. Very happy to eat crow about him and hope he continues to show what he has always been capable of.
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