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  1. Can't wait, Blaque! Quick question that I don't recall seeing here (maybe I missed it): Will you have a DONATE button so we can help embedded in the new site?
  2. Not crazy about the pick, but I get it. Welcome to the Bucs, Kyle Trask!
  3. I think I read somewhere that Evans was willing to negotiate some $$$ to keep everyone intact and that Brady was also willing to help on that end as well. Still, it's going to be tough to resign the first 5 guys on that list that I would want to absolutely try to keep (Shaq, Lavonte, Gronk, Fournette, and Suh).
  4. Congratulations to all of us that have supported this team and franchise for as long as we have. Through the ups and downs. Through the coaching changes. Through the revolving door of players. Special shout-out to those of you that have been regular parts of my life on the intrawebz; we are the most diverse, passionate, opinionated, and dedicated assholes on the net, and we are ALL Bucs fans! Congrats on Super Bowl number 2!
  5. I love the optimism. *** dng smth wth tndrcnt
  6. tndrcnt, why u tlkn 2 yslf? go blw on a flt or smthng. cnt dketr.
  7. RoJo....what the fuck dude. He went slap off. I think most of his fumbles have come on passing plays to him. Can someone confirm that? If that's the case, stop throwing the fucking ball to him. He has great vision. Great moves. He just needs to work on ball security.
  8. The total lackluster team effort proved AB disrupted the locker room the day he arrived, cancerous bitch he is. (just for you, '63)
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