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  1. Two weeks on a row for ROJO...get him off the fucking field
  2. Look...was a shitty game plan that was executed pretty shitty by the players. We have enough talent on this roster and the coaching staff that I believe we'll make a turnaround and use this as a learning experience. Any other year I'd say bye playoffs. But this year we'll be fine. Now wipe the blood off your vaginas and let's move on to Carolina!
  3. Be careful...he's out there lurking ready to tell you Arians didn't throw the ball, Bowles wasn't covering the receivers, or Leftwich wasn't blocking. I can feel him ready to pounce on you...👀👀
  4. Looks like the whole team was inactive tonight!
  5. Saints would be smarter than that...that's a potential 3 scores in 4 plays if Jameis comes in!!! One can only hope!
  6. Congrats man. You're officially becoming the village idiot. I get your point, I get what you're doing towards other posts. But you look stupid doing it.
  7. Whoever is calling the plays is to blame... After first two drives...no adjustment. Quicker throws and running.
  8. Brady looks like ass... And i'm over this reply shit in this chat now
  9. Todd Bowles and Tom Brady...the two people fucking this game up. Don't care what you say. Both are playing and coaching like shit.
  10. Why is this chat making me quote myself before every damn response? Bad enough I have to watch this garbage game, I have to take an extra step now to send a comment?!
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