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  1. Hmm, probably good to get rid of politics section for now. Things are just too ugly. I kind of like the movies/music idea. We still need a functional way to recruit. BTW, any word from Mon these days?
  2. The first Bucs Super Bowl team wasn't seen as a Super Bowl contender at the start of the season. They had a new coach, an older QB with an average arm, ball control WRs with average speed, a journeyman RB, and a defense that (I believe) had fallen short a bit in closing out the season. Like last season, they put it together at the end.
  3. I came over from the TBO board back when JJS and BBQ were arguing there. Then I transitioned to the SPTimes when TBO shit down (liked the TBO format BTW), and then here when SPTimes shut down. Went online after living in Tampa for a few years, and got sucked into being a Bucs fan in the Wyche/Erickson era.
  4. The mover is suing for a low amount because he was probably scamming AB, and really doesn't want any of it to go to court.
  5. I hate it. Yeah, we might as well toss the records, but it hurts the game IMHO to extend it further. So now preseason isn't long enough or intense enough to get them ready, and then the regular season becomes a marathon with what will likely be lower quality play.
  6. If Rook claimed that Trask was better than Brady, would we say he was talking Trask?
  7. Yeah, maybe it pays dividends down the road. Rodgers was screwed and might have had a chance if their focus was on giving him weapons.
  8. They kept the team together with the goal of trying to repeat with Brady at the helm. The expectation for our backup QB is to be a game manager winning about half the games if Brady goes down. I just don't see the Bucs having the money or devoting the money to a solid backup when they've probably already leveraged the future to keep the pieces they already have together. It's a good logical pick IMHO. Also, I think Brady would be good with it because it's basically "hey Tom, do you want us to spend 4-6 million resigning Antonio Brown, or do you want us to draft a WR in the 2nd round and th
  9. I don't think we have the money to drop 4+ million a year on such backup QBS, nor do I see being Brady's backup a very appealing gig. Then we wouldn't have re-signed Gabbert for pennies if we or other teams thought he was good. It's the last pick of the 2nd round, so low investment to fit a role.
  10. But we still need a legitimate backup QB. I agree with you that we will probably go FA for our starter again, but I also like the pick. For a late 2nd rounder, we picked up what should be a good backup QB for the next 4 years, and instead of paying 5+ million a year, we're paying 1.3 million. Yeah, there's a good chance he's not starter material, but we will still need insurance while we're looking for that talented FA QB to replace Brady. We still need someone who can take the reins. And then there's a chance he ends up being a Brad Johnson type of QB. So I think the pick works nice
  11. Politics should just be unmonitored free for all as long as threats aren't made....no need for a "main one" as Bucs63 stated. I'd just be bored and all alone there. Then a sports board covering all other sports until one sport overrides it, and then add a board to cover that one.
  12. Top 2 for that year. I think a lot of people saw them both (Winston and Mariota) as having serious flaws. I would have loved to unload the pick in a trade, but I doubt there were teams desperate to make that move. Mariota lacked some skills needed by NFL QBs, and Winston appeared to have the talent, and made poor life decisions indicative of a lack discipline and maturity that I think we saw during his tenure as a Buc. Winston could still end up making it and it appears the Saints like him. Anyway, we need a solid backup QB behind Brady, a legitimate #2. I don't think Griffin would hav
  13. Um, what part of don't fuck with a HOF QB who is still playing at a very elite level don't they understand? Admittedly, no complaints here.
  14. Almost sounds like they're besties. Maybe he should ask her out and take it to the next level?!
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