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  1. Yeah. I mean can they fucking blitz a completely green QB? Do some trick defensive plays so he gets some different looks. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, CAN THEY FUCKING TACKLE? My guess is that he'll be a good QB, but we threw nothing at him. Dude was injured, and still ran down the field on us.
  2. Meant the Chiefs of course. I just think this is the game that officially breaks them for the season, but if they win....
  3. We could have the GOAT behind center and they'd still be pining for some unproven 3rd stringer. If only Milanovich er I mean Winston were starting. Ya know what it will be like if we lose every one of our remaining games.... Winston.
  4. This in droves. But with passing I don't think he's at the level of Marino or Favre on a good day when he is on. He isn't THAT accurate. I don't see it looking at his highlights from 2019. He's hitting a WR in stride, but Farve would throw deep to guys in almost perfect double coverage and hit that one tiny spot where only his WR could catch it. Seems to me that Winston does a great job of running an offense. Without the high ints and fumbles, he's a franchise QB, but until then he's a coach firing machine. Again rook, fantastic post. Mae West couldn't have said it better.
  5. The Bucs invested 5 years developing him, and frankly he had good coaches, so I don't see this as a case of the Bucs not investing enough time developing him. Maybe maturity will kick in (especially after not getting the fat contract and taking a cheap 1 year deal), or maybe something starts to click now that he has had lasik, but that really isn't on the Bucs. Frankly, he made the call when he demanded pretty high franchise QB money after 5 lackluster seasons. He had 30 interceptions last year, and looking at the highlights of those, he probably singlehandedly lost 5-6 games, and then he w
  6. An interesting ride for the Saints.... they play 5 teams that currently have 3 wins, 1 team with 4, and then the Chiefs are the only team with a winning record. So with the talent and coaches around him, there's a good chance Winston will be able to go 4-2 if he closes out the season. Then maybe Brees takes over? Or maybe Winston gets them through week to week 15, and the have Brees there as an backup in those later games if Winston starts losing. Then toss a rested Brees in for the playoffs.
  7. The actual decision to dump GruAllen was largely because they wanted to run the team on the cheap.... not on the merits. And it is possible that because of the economic crash and contract negotiations, the owners didn't have good options in that regard. On the plus side GruAllen had cleared the cap space and gotten the team through cap hell without a nosedive, but on the downside, they were drafting pretty poorly, the big talent they picked up tended to be head cases, and they seemed to be overachieving with lesser and aging talent. Mostly older guys at the tail end of their careers, and
  8. They're winning. Apparently, he and Andy Reid aren't going to the prom this year.
  9. Maybe, the eye surgery brings a different JW, but I just felt he had good coaching and was very consistently a decent, but not great QB. But fuck that asshole. If he plays well, I'll enjoy rooting against his shit character.
  10. It wont be that bad, but maybe enough of a drop in performance that they lose a few games. Also maybe their defense drops in performance a bit if they are left on the field. Seems to me that if he was a real threat to Brees, they wouldn't be so chummy on the field.
  11. I think they'll start with Winston. He got the nod when Brees went out, so I gotta think he gets a game or two to prove himself. Also, if they saw Hill as being the future and/or a franchise QB, they probably would have traded Winston. So they go with experience, work around his weak points, and hope for the best. Should make for interesting trash talk here in a few weeks.
  12. Apparently, you aren't allowed to hit them low, high, or hard. And if their name is Rogers, you aren't allowed to touch them.
  13. The bullshit one I saw today in the Jacksonville/GB game was a pretty boring leg tackle.
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