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  1. caner

    Yeah, it's a Cartman reference.

  2. I appreciate that. You're pretty fabulous yourself.

  3. I think you are fabulous

  4. what happened to your screen name...


    have you smoked the new aroma de cuba...."mi amore" I believe

  5. William C. Benson in the house.

  6. I am unworthy of all that rep!

  7. Imagine that! The Buc's lose and chicken shits like YOI show up and start posting with great gusto once again. Where have you been the last 3 weeks? Aside from the occasional post in the college forum you've been pretty much quiet as a church mouse. But now here you are bright and early on a Monday morning. Shocker, really!
  8. Easy. By getting behind by more than 2 scores early to the Colts. The Buc's will be forced to pass every down. Voila, plenty of passes to go around.
  9. I agree Hayseed. The problem is every week for the past 3 years have been a prime opportunity. How many more does he get? I like his effort, he is playing hard but sometimes your best just isn't good enough.
  10. Gruden made it clear that he wanted Dunn to stay when he took over at the helm. If he had it his way Dunn would have stayed and ol' #40 would have went to Atlanta.
  11. It's a what if/I wonder scenario, that's for sure. But it's not like he has stuck with a team since he left.
  12. While it may not be dramatic right now just wait, it will be plenty dramatic if he gets an extension mid season. The haters will be uh, outraged?
  13. Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps Gruden's agent is floating these rumors in an attempt to get his client an extension now that it appears the team is on the upswing?
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