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  1. Being a fan for over 40 years I will take it
  2. This is such BS typical BUCS some unknown QB looks like he been playing all year long. DB can not cover it’s been like this all year long. It’s not like there even close in the coverage there is three yards of separation
  3. This is ridiculous Bunting is getting eating alive by Ridley
  4. I wouldn’t blame Leftwich. Brady has missed wide open receiver just like last week.
  5. That’s twice Bunting has been beat in the end zone
  6. Brady is throwing the long ball whether the guy is open or not. The touchdown to Evans yesterday he threw that ball before Evans had start is double move. He was just hoping he was going to be open. That is not a normal Brady pass he would not throw the ball if he did not think the guy was going to be open in New England. I seen the stat on the QB first year I am not suggesting Winston did not make his share of mistakes because they don't show how many fumbles he also lost. We all know Winston threw balls he probably should have just taken the sack but I would be curious about the long b
  7. It's not just that play it's the whole game plan. Why on 3rd and 1 do we not have RB in the backfield to at least give the illusion that we might run the ball. How many times this this year have we thrown a long ball on a short yard play and not complete the damn thing. At the start of the year Brady was using Miller like he did with Edelman and Welker his whole career and it was working. We completely got rid of that. The defense has had issues making adjustments all year. it seems each game we are getting beat deep at least one or twice. It takes way to long before we start getting pr
  8. It was nice to see the TD but Brady was throwing that to Evans no matter what. That’s the kind of BS play calling that she’s happen all year long 3rd and 1 and a long pass. 9out of ww don’t get that
  9. 3rd and 2 and you don’t even have a running back in the backfield to at least give the option for a run
  10. I would like to see them move Josh Rosen up to the third string spot so he can actually start learning. I know people have their doubts on the guy but he was thrown onto two bad teams. Arizona who's coach gets fired after one year and still has no O-line (Murray still runs for his life) and Miami who again had nothing last year and they only reason they have the record they are sitting out now is because of defense and special teams.
  11. He forgets to mention who he was hitting the deep ball to the likes of Miller, Johnson and even Watson on occasion a young group of receivers.
  12. Three biggest take a ways from last night Coaching – I believe last night BA should have went away from his long ball and set up a game plan using Tom’s old game plan which was looking short then long for the pass. It would have allowed Tom to get the ball out of his hand much quicker. They should have been able to plan for this following the Saints game and how the pass rush got to him. The defense side of the ball again we got know pressure on a QB that can pick you a part with time. Plus the fact we were only rushing three at a time dropping 8 in coverage yet guys were still open 10 y
  13. Brady’s throws were off all night he missed the out routes by 5 yards all night.
  14. The Bucs are hardly rushing three yet there still leaving a guy open 10 yards down the field.
  15. This is just like the Saints hardly no pressure on the QB.
  16. Just curious if anybody else feels like Scotty Miller, Justin Watson and Tyler Johnson are getting the shaft since AB arrived. These guys hardly see the field now and they were playing pretty well. Scotty Miller had proven to be a deep ball threat and the last two games we have not seen that. It just seems like we have this great group of young guys to complement Evans and Goodwin but now don’t see the field and I feel are offense was more productive throwing the ball with them in the lineup.
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