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  1. Just curious if anybody else feels like Scotty Miller, Justin Watson and Tyler Johnson are getting the shaft since AB arrived. These guys hardly see the field now and they were playing pretty well. Scotty Miller had proven to be a deep ball threat and the last two games we have not seen that. It just seems like we have this great group of young guys to complement Evans and Goodwin but now don’t see the field and I feel are offense was more productive throwing the ball with them in the lineup.
  2. It's funny you said this my wife was asking why I was getting so pissed at the game last night. I told her every time they Bucs play on a prime time game they look like crap. Just look at this year Thursday night lost to Chicago look bad, Monday night against Gaints won but did not look good and last night got blown out. They just look unprepared it seems when they are in the spot light on national TV.
  3. I agree especially since ROJO had some good runs one called back for holding but after that they completely abandoned the run.
  4. I believe one big issue which is why I was not excited about the AB signing is Brady automatically started looking his way. The guy had only a weeks worth of practice and he was on the field more than Scotty Miller. Evans has almost been non existent with targets the last couple of weeks. The defense could get no pressure on Brees and the defensive backs looked out of position almost all night long. Anybody else notice how our bye week is not until week 13 over three quarters of the league have had theirs already.
  5. Curious if we really needed to move up one spot
  6. I agree it's probably is an ego issue for him. How many years have people questioned if it was him or the system because he has been in the same one for his whole career with the Patriots. The whole ego thing goes both ways if Tom can even takes us to the playoffs he's proven how great he is but if Belichick takes a team to the Superbowl then he's able to say it had nothing to do with Tom.
  7. Really not sure why he went to Washington they have a crowded backfield. If he wanted to be the starter can't see that there. I see Rivera trying to use Love which they drafted last year like they did with McCaffrey since he replaced him at Stanford.
  8. It says we offered 30 million a year same as Chargers.
  9. Not sure what is being said back in Tampa but I can tell you here in San Diego they keep saying Tampa is the best fit for Rivers.
  10. I am lucky enough that I have been living out here in San Diego for the last 19 years so I've watched all of Rivers career. He differently has his pros and cons but his desire to win is differently not gone. Pros: He is very smart at reading the defense He uses all his receivers especially the TE Knows how to get the ball out quick he's had no line the last couple of years Cons: He will force the ball and has no regret doing it Can not move in the pocket and has taken a beating the last few years He likes using his TE BA offense is not set up using TE.
  11. Brady's not going to leave the Pats think about it he has had the same offense for his whole career. The Pats never went outside the organization when he lost his OC. Do you think he honestly going to take a chance with a new team and if he is terrible the stigma of him being a system QB sticking.
  12. He's been missing for a long time.
  13. Here is a list of QB FA for this year: Eli Manning (probably retires) Philip Rivers (Chargers resigns or Colts) Teddy Bridgewater (Has it good as QB in waiting) Jameis Winston (probably will be back) Marcus Mariota (injury prone and could not move the ball) Chase Daniel (career backup) Case Keenum (lost his starting job career backup) Ryan Tannehill (Titans will resign) Brett Hundley (unknown been behind Rogers, Wilson and now Murray) Blake Bortles (might as well sign Winston) Sean Mannion
  14. I was thinking it's only a 5.5 hour drive for me but it's the Raiders different city but same fan base.
  15. Playing devil’s advocate what is he going to say its last game of the season contract is up. He could have thrown Gay under the bus and said we should never been in that situation. Let’s face it 9 points got left on the field if two of those field goals are made we are not even talking about the last throw. He has 101 turnovers to fault him through is career probably another 30 that could have been turnovers but of the 48 loses during his five years he also has how many missed fields and blown 14 point leads or last minute drive leads that have been blown by the defense. His contract is up wha
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