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  1. I was a Jets season ticket holder from 1977-1981 until I decided to move to Florida with a new wife and baby to get away from the NY winter and taxes. I had my choice of teams between Miami and Tampa Bay and chose the Bucs as they were closer to where I was moving to. I didn't convert right away, maybe mid 1980's before I switched allegiances, but have lived and died with this franchise ever since. Hard to believe this will only be our 17th playoff game in franchise history but it is what it is. Hoping the Saints are overconfident from the 38-3 thrashing they put on us on MNF, and we win a sho
  2. Matt says Hi, Tampa Bay He wasn't the reason we lost, though he ended up with the GWFG. But it's just another knife in the back to twist a little more harder. Dong Smith sucks wang and TB12 certainly doesn't have anything close to the OL he had for years in NE, nor the arm strength. But to have a kicker come back and beat us smdh, at least it wasn't Aguayo, right J-Licht?
  3. Cam dedicated this week to his favorite movie, The Sound of Music
  4. Is there a Tampa connection here? Help an old geezer understand...
  5. Jags pick Luton over Lurch. The league already knows what Lurch can do, the Jags are going nowhere, so it makes sense to see what the kid can do. Lurch can continue to pick up a paycheck for simply holding a clipboard again. I'm sure he just let out a huge sigh of relief somewhere...
  6. Lynch giving up already on Kwon? And to the effing Saints, no less? 😡
  7. Yes Cash fucked up. But this series was decided because of the lack of an offense. The lineup, with the exception of Arozarena and Kiermeier, blew chunks the whole postseason. Lowe, their best hitter in the regular season, disappeared. Meadows, I'll give him a bit of a pass as he had Covid and then an oblique injury, was swinging at balls in the dirt all series. Margot had some good games, but then fucked up trying to steal home when runs for the Rays were at a premium. Renfroe, 33 HRs in SD in 2019, sucked when he got to TB. Zunino, automatic out in the lineup. SIXTEEN strikeouts in a World S
  8. Brady and Winston both throw pick sixes in their Bucs debut
  9. I picked it up after the 3rd OT. I couldn't watch it during work, so afterwards, I was trying to get the score, and I see the 3rd OT had just ended. Crazy game for the ages.
  10. Arian's Nation is in. Also Baby Buccaneers is a friend of mine but not part of this board. He is always active in every league I've invited him too, so please check his team off as well.
  11. htthttps://twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1291481944006459395?s=20ps://twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1291481944006459395?s=20
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