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    Where da white women at?
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    Just a laid back kinda guy that makes a lot of jokes.
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    Just south of normal
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    Helping the cause to beat cancer and by cancer I mean kids. I'm kidding. No real hobbies for me.
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    Brother of the admin.

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  1. Who is your bro and why is he sporting a picture of me?

  2. I knew that, it's still funny as shit.

  3. Zilla,


    Who's minding the store in your brother's absence? I sent him a pretty serious PM about what I consider (for what its worth!) a pretty serious matter but Im realizing he hasnt been on the board much recently. I know he's got some offboard stuff that he's handling, which is of course a priority, so who would be the best person to reach out to in the meantime?

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