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  1. acaton here, thought I would provide you with my contact number so we all might hookup at the Skins game so here itis:


    cell 727.403.3272


    Feel free to pass it around to folks that might want to join us.



  2. acaton does not equal qman...just FYI my fellow Buc fan.:thumbsup

  3. Me too then...waiting for the right time that is.:P

  4. Thanks for the info! Now, I'm waiting for just...the...right...time.

  5. Well I am glad you don't know how then...


    You do know that you just click the scale jpeg and go from there right? :>)

  6. I would negrep you, acaton, but I don't know how! ;)

  7. Thanks for dropping by...leave the gifts on the table on your way out please.

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