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  1. ROFL! You know, since I turned my wrath to rapey-boy, My blood-oath to detest Dilfer until my dying day has become less of an obsession. I miss it sometimes. My hate was so pure.
  2. I detest Jaboo as a person with the fire of a thousand suns. Anything that gets him off this roster is a bonus in terms of rekindling any interest I might have in rooting for this franchise. The fact that they've now traded for arguably the greatest QB in NFL history is just a bonus. I don't care if he's 90 years old. He's not Winston, so I'm okay with it.
  3. I would sincerely like to thank pewter report and the fans who insist on camping out in Winston's butthole for going above and beyond in ridiculous attempts to justify his inability to hold on to the ball. If they are indeed successful and they do talk themselves into retaining the turnover prone rapey dickhead, there will be no temptation for me to return to watching Bucs football and my Sunday afternoons in the fall will continue to be free to accomplish things around the house and spend time with family. Thanks again. P.S.-- We also need some more articles and comments about h
  4. 30 reasons why this is a shitty take.
  5. So that's the problem. Winston takes big risks when the Bucs have a lead because he's afraid the other team will catch up. Ummmm K. I knew he was fucked in the head, but I didn't realize just how much.
  6. Part of it is you want, but Winston sucks in every way as a person, player, and leader. He's supposed to be the figurehead of a team. Maybe if they had one who was worthy of any respect at all, the rest of the team wouldn't be quite as much of a joke
  7. That's actually less than I would have thought. Like BB sad, they're not necessarily starting because they deserve to. Some of them are starting because their teams feel like they have no choice but to hope some for some form of miracle that they start playing up to their investment. Kind of like this team here in Tampa.
  8. I would disagree with that, because drafting a QB number one is always different. A first-round pick at any other position may soon be outed as a bust, and the coaching and management will be criticized and the team will move on. But when you take a quarterback at that pick, especially one that's anointed to be the savior from day one, the team has essentially mortgaged next 3 or 4 years against that player's results. A lot of us knew Winston was a piece of shit in every single way, including his playing talent, the day he was drafted. But nobody listens to us because we're wrong as many times
  9. Honestly never had a big problem with the Trop. It's not pretty and it's not the coziest place, but they've done what they can with that venue. I love getting tickets on the ledge in left field, where you can mingle and walk around with bar service - it's like hanging in a sports bar with your buddies, only the big screen happens to be a baseball game going on in real life. There's plenty of parking - food selections could be better, and I'm not crazy about the no-cash policy. But for the most part the staff is friendly and accommodating. My kids are too old now for the Rays tank but
  10. Now in year 5.... Before game 1: He's the man! After game 1: (applicable if no new HC or OC hired in offseason). He sucked but that's only because the coaching sucks. OR After game 1: (if new HC or OC) He sucks but he'll get better as he learns the system. After game 4: Bench his ass! (Name of backup) can't do any worse. After game 8: Might as well put him back in there and see if he gets any better. After all, he was the overall #1. After game 12: Seriously, this misogynist rapey piece of shit sucks.  After game 14: Blow this fucking place all
  11. Maybe the QB Whisperer only whispers to quarterbacks who were going to be fucking great anyway.
  12. Warms my heart to see how a few of you still drink the Kool-Aid, year after year... I'm a Bucs atheist as long as Winston is quarterback, but keep the faith Brothers. I may not root for the Bucs anymore, but I'm rooting for you!
  13. Watch the little bit of that and skipped around. I'm not only nostalgic for the creamsicle right now, but announcers like Stockton and Madden, well, at least before Madden became a parody of himself.
  14. If you're old enough to have been around during the birth of the Bucs, there's a difference between how horrible they were back in the day and how snake bitten they are now. I am convinced that their struggles over the past decade plus are due to bad karma from the way the Glazers gutted the team. But as we know, the Bucs have been worse.... far worse. The 1976 team put on the worst performance of any NFL team in history. In the second season they weren't much better. But they came by their ineptitude honestly, and even in those ugly creamsicle uniforms, they were easy to love, like a t
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