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  1. He is such an attention whore. "But he does so much off the field blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhchokegarglegag" 3-13 or 4-12. And we lose to Glennon and the Bears. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. take this for what it is worth, guy at a party I was at last night, told me Freeman is addicted to Adderall, and buys it from this guy's friend. And here I thought Adderall was supposed to make one more attentive.
  3. wasn't sure, but he is only the second QB to get to super bowl on 2 differnt teams. I was pretty positive if he wins he'd be the first to win 2, but I also thought he might be the first to just make it. but i was wrong. I thought and I thought and I could not remember a QB to do this before. Had to look it up. Craig Morten 1970 cowboys and 1977. Lost both. Here's to some f'n history tonight folks! and i ain't talkin' bout no 6 packs.
  4. I concur. and he could become the first QB to win a SB on 2 different teams, no? Go Cardinals!
  5. Why the hell would USF not take them serioulsy? Because they beat them last year. i doubt it. and I hope not.
  6. Auburn is favored by a TD. I'll take those 7 points my man! This victory can do wonders for the already blossoming program. Go bulls!
  7. Gabe, What is gas consumption like on the 16'er? I would like to get a boat, but am fearful of not being able to afford gas to use it. I see yours uses 2-6 gallon tanks, so figure $40 or so for gas, for a day on the water.......not too bad. What type/size of motor do you have? I live in Baycrest Park,on the north end of Tampa Bay and would love to go exploring the bay by boat. Figured a boat of that size would be best. Love reading your imformative posts. Keep 'em coming! Thanks
  8. found this in my hometown newspaper. Not just the high and mighty going down. http://www.pressconnects.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070820/NEWS01/708200346
  9. have some rep stymie. I was really enjoying shp's new personna. He made some insightful and funny comments........then, you could see his saying things to just stir the pot.
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