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  1. nope they only fear the Pats. And BOOOYYYYYYY do they fear the Pats.
  2. then, by this account, you should kill us. beat the colts! come out with guns blazin' be totally RUUD! and let 'em carry colts off the field one by one. redruM, baby!!!
  3. sorry, your right. Your talent is so much better than ours. How could I be so blind?? I don't even think I can watch 'cause we don't stand a chance. BEAT the Colts!!! redruM, baby!!
  4. no time like the present to start a new streak........like a losing streak. beat the Colts! redruM, baby!!
  5. can't blame them for being confident. or for looking at us as crazy for our confidence. they are the defending world champs, and we are coming off a 4-12 season. They have the 2003 debacle-comeback-ref-gigging game to throw in our faces. And now they have a little chip on their shoulders because all anyone talks about now is New England. "But we're the SB champs" they cry! so, let them have their say, who really cares. I know it will take a complete game to win, but the last 3 games have been complete games, regardless of how good shp thinks they are. Let's go take care of bu
  6. exactly, he makes the catch on the crossing pattern and doesn't fumble that first down catch.........he'd be looking pretty sweet after that. BUT....................
  7. Nice PNFL. I was there to witness that collapse, and stayed to the end, unlike many others. That was the beginning of the end right there. but now we seem to have found that swagger again. I believe the bucs can do it. ...and I've been waiting for someone to say it. someone has said it every week now. "It will be a game that gives us a real measure of where the Bucs are...." Every week it's been said. It may have never been more truer than this week. redruM, baby!
  8. I think pittman or graham will be fine behind Askew
  9. Buccaneers | Ruud named NFC Defensive Player of the Month Wed, 3 Oct 2007 12:34:25 -0700 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced LB Barrett Ruud has been named the NFC Defensive Player of the Month for September. http://www.kffl.com/hotw/nfl pretty sweet for our little clown
  10. found this on the Indy message board. It's a map showing what games are being shown in the different parts of the country. I was worried because I will be in upstate NY this weekend celebrating my mom's 75th birthday, and was worried it wouoldn't be shown..........BUT IT IS!!!!. Yeah Baby!!! anyways, a pretty cool site. http://www.the506.com/nflmaps/
  11. why horsemeat steaks no doubt. just kidding all you horse lovers don't read anymore please..... when I was little 1971-2 or so, we had a horse meat market in my hometown. My brother in law had tried some and kept telling us he'd make us some. We of course we like "yuck, no way!". But he was always cooking out, and really good stuff too. so one summer day, he's got the grill going, and we sit down for some beautifully grilled steaks, and as I'm enjoying my steak, he starts whinnying, like a horse. He got me, and believe it or not, it was pretty damn good. I don't know how he pr
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