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  1. Will bet 100 dollars to any of you freaks! Bitcoin only!
  2. I do luv Cnt! That is a fact Axe. But this forum is manned by five or six people, where is your sense of humor?
  3. Whatever ! Times are changing. Have to keep up. You have Brady and Gronk for Christ sakes! Five more SB's for sure! LMFAO !!! 5-11 for sure. Then the headlines, "What happened to Tom?" LMFAO !!! You poor bastards!
  4. About ten years too ****** late! Hey? What do you think of the new Rams helmet?
  5. The OL is in flux. Goff will be fine. Winston on the other hand, will not! The renewed Falcons will end you r season next week. Peace out brothers ...
  6. And you are looking like the forum dipshit! Carry on !
  7. I am kinda a Bills fan. I think they are the only competition for the Cheatriots.
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